+1: Google’s answer to the like button Button of Facebook

With +1, Google braces against Community giants like Facebook.

Similar to the Facebook “Like” function you can continue to highlight certain content with a “+1” button to Google. When searching around for a recipe or see Hotel Users then equal to recommendations from friends or relatives, so Google.

The feature is reminiscent of the concept of “social search” that drives Facebook along with Google’s archrival Microsoft. The preferences and information of a user’s friends are relevant for him as a hit, which results in a search engine algorithm, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly emphasized. Therefore they should be displayed prominently in search results.

Everything to know about Google +1

What’s +1?

If +1 is a new recommendation feature of Google. Who is logged in with their Google Account, can pages or products they like, recommend a single click on the +1 button. The tip then dives to all friends who also have a Google account and are saved as a contact in your Google profile.

Why should I use +1?

According to Google, the benefits of +1 in the Relevance: This gives the right recommendations (because they come from people who are important to) at the right time (when you actually looking for information about a topic) and in the correct format (in the search results).

Where can I find recommendations of my friends?

Enter a search term in Google, dive under each hit in the future the number of people on the “geplusst” the website or the product (recommended) have. Is this to your friends, hidden Google the real name of that one who has given the recommendation. Google lists all + 1’s in your Google profile.

Are there links to other services?

Google offers the option to enter your Twitter address in your profile. You will then not only +1 recommendations from your Google contacts, but also from people you follow on Twitter.

What Google +1?

The introduction of +1 is of course not disinterested by Google. The search engine indexes the pages or products you recommend preferred. Who, for example, increasingly digital cameras recommends that the Google assumes that he is interested in photography – and adjusts the search advertising accordingly.

It is also possible to influence the search results based on the recommendation rate. That could lead to results that have many recommendations, to be placed in future above.

Is +1 in its current state perfect?

No. In Facebook you could wish away and also the opportunity to express his displeasure. For this would be an “Unlike” button helpful. There is not, however. Even with Google +1 you can currently proposed only a positive-intentioned recommendation. Warnings about before unserious offers are not possible.

Is there only +1 in the Google search engine?

No. Google will soon offer a tool with which you can place a +1 button on websites.

When is +1 to Germany?

Google +1 rolls currently on the English-language website www.google.com from. Who has a Google account, there can make recommendations immediately. In the coming weeks, the company adapts to the English pages.

Google is still the undisputed number 1 in the Internet search. With the small ads in the field of search hits, the group earned billions. Facebook with its 600 million users but is now often seen as a potential risk for the Google Business: If people are looking for more about Facebook and Microsoft’s Bing, Google automatically earns less. With its own activities in the community area as the online network Orkut Google had been only moderately successful.

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The activation of the +1 feature is gradual at first for the English-language Google search engine. To use it, you need a Google profile. You manage all +1 favorites. To see the recommendations of other users, you must be logged into your computer with his or her Google Account. (Dpa / rs)