10.5% of registered French have left Facebook in 2011

The problem first start because

When we have the debate on the protection of privacy in sight, it is interesting to examine the reasons given by abandoning Facebook users: 43%, is boredom motivates the departure or slowing activities on such sites. Then come to 23%, concerns regarding personal data, and the lack of time to 15%. Surprising also 1% of surveyed report having “fear of not being able to do without” and thus restrict to limit dependency.

Chronophages, social networks still show limits and the French seem to get tired. “More than half of social network users surveyed (51%) state that nothing would make them spend more time on these sites. They estimate already devote plenty of time, “said Ralph Risk, Marketing Director of Lightspeed Research Europe. Should we see a French exception, or the start of a trend for the future, at a time when Facebook is approaching one billion registered accounts?

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 12:30

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