10 reasons why we love smartphones

It’s just always there for us when we need it! These ten things make the smartphone to our Savior in every situation and the best companion – anywhere.

H ow was quickly the recipe for apple pie? Which two Beatles actually live? How to get from Central Station? These and similar questions can annoy at best, and at worst mess all day. Good thing there are for the smartphone! It is contact with loved ones, mediators and assistants in every situation: We love our smartphones, …… because it is our knight in shining armor.

via GIPHY … because we have our loved ones always in your pocket.

via GIPHY … because it participates every fun.

… Because it keeps us up to date via GIPHY.

via GIPHY … because it all just can!

via GIPHY … because it be lazy at helping us.

via GIPHY … because Siri, Cortana & Co. always have an open ear.

via GIPHY … because it can end any dispute by Google and Wikipedia.

via GIPHY … because with him you never get bored.

via GIPHY … because we never want to miss it!


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