15 independent and indispensable free games

The internet is full of free and independent games of all kinds, often poorly referenced and too little stressed. To right this wrong, here is an overview shots heart of writing.

Developed alone or with others, as part of “stepping stones” events, personal or professional, these few games, gameplay and original graphics, reflect the inventiveness of developers. And the fact that the authors are not looking to sell that offers them more freedom of expression.

Find five “small” games, five more consistent, and finally five games playable on browser. Be three possibilities for fun without cost and legally!

short games, minimalist games As for movies, games that follow need to be forceful or, anyway, to know quickly create a mood. They seduced us by their humor, poetry, but also, for some, their decidedly arcade side. But for each of them, it does not take much time to discover that the game is worth the candle.

badass Inc.

First game to be scrutinized, Badass Inc. is an adventure game with the corrosive humor. In the spirit of a point’n’click but only playable with the keyboard, it came in second in the event of Ludum Dare 32 in 2014.

Badass Inc. combines blocky graphics and quirky humor to create a cocktail in good taste of nostalgia. Featuring a retro soundtrack signed Volkor X and many geek references, the game is extremely short, and very nice, so no excuse not to play.

Blade Runner pixelated versions.


Amateurs graphic arts, DOLLY is for you! We have here a small tinted plateformer reflection where the player will have to cross a strange world … its strange character.

narrative side, the player will have to settle for a few introductory words on electrocardiogram background, the rest is a kind of oscillating between dream pitfalls and traps. In the end, DOLLY is a game in which chiadée ambiance music definitely helps. A little gem not to be missed.

Ouch. It’s beautiful !

This Way Up

In another style, all in 3D, This Way Up is an unusual puzzle game. The goal: take a cardboard box level to level, and this, thinking every move. Simple? Reaching the finish line is easier said than done, it will pass various obstacles like bridges and deal with turrets fire.

The original gameplay This Way Up, coupled with its attractive graphics, ensures a healthy dose of fun. We spend a good time and we want more … especially after his 18 levels.

No, that is not a reference to the movie Cube Vincenzo Natali …

Last Invader

Last Invader, down from its 12 MB (yes, twelve megabytes!), Do not yet play in the featherweight class. This is indeed a Shoot Them All battleship metal and riddled with lasers.

You – or your robot – are balanced in the middle of a desert playing area. At your disposal two interchangeable arms, you will get into other on your enemies during the game. Then? robots and vehicles of waves, turrets … beautiful people therefore, it will knock out, no more no less, to score points and improve weapons and armor. Simple but effective features of successful 3D graphics, Last Invader comes as a key arcade game.

The winner takes it all …

War of Toys

If the term FPS is, for many, synonymous with modern war game, this is a title that offers a variant of the more fun genre. War of Toys resumes in the codes, but to apply to plastic soldiers of our childhood. The player takes part in the war between toys, with the goal of crushing the enemy toy box! Hard not to adopt it.

“A good soldier does not leave a man down! “