2016 Buying Guide: Which laptop to choose? | eLaptopComputer

Jostled by the tablet, the laptop still has some success among consumers. The large number of formats or references is proof. So much so that finding the model of his dreams may soon resemble an obstacle course.

Discover our new shopping guide light notebook, ultrabook and hybrids, as well as the shopping guide smartphone to less than 250 €.

To help you in this process, we have identified some typical profiles: the portable player to the nomadic model, one that will replace a tower …

Each of these uses match specific criteria: they are the ones that allow us to advise you some references rather than others.

These selections are made from our personal assessments. We based our various tests and comparisons on user feedback and on the results published by some of our colleagues. This is a simple guide to help purchase, not an in-depth analysis of the presented machines.

Also note that we treat here as devices running on a traditional and non mobile operating system (Windows, OS X). A choice that effectively precludes the shelves, which we will dedicate a specific guide to action.

Finally, do not hesitate to suggest typical profiles, categories of machines you would find in this buying guide, which will evolve: we’re listening!

How to choose a laptop?

A nomadic laptop

Studying, traveling or on business, you are looking for a traveling companion for your use.

The possibilities are endless, here is what we recommend.