27 Chrome for Android: full screen and history

Google yesterday released Chrome 27 for Android, which brings various new features on phone and tablet.

Google yesterday released version 27 of its Chrome browser for Android and computer. If the version numbers are identical inputs are completely different. They are very different on phone and tablet.

Smartphone, Chrome 27 brings to begin what Google calls the full screen. Now when the user scrolls the page, the toolbar disappears, but neither the status bar (top) or the navigation bar (at the bottom). Note that Chrome for iOS has always worked well.

The tablets do not enjoy the full screen, but in return they welcome a more successful history. Long press the “back” button now displays the history tab in the menu, so we could go back far a step by step.

On both types of terminals, the omnibox no longer displays a URL after starting a search from the address bar: it maintains keywords to facilitate the launch of a new search. The update also bring “a ton” of fixes and optimizations.

27 Chrome for Android is available now from the Google Play Store.