3DMark 2016: to line their eyes in virtual reality

Futuremark, 3DMark the editor, reports on what awaits players next year. The program includes a redesign of the interface, the first DirectX 12 scene and a benchmark for virtual reality.

VRMark: scenes in virtual reality for your viewing pleasure

Futuremark is preparing VRMark, a measurement tool for virtual reality. Even more than 3DMark, this solution is intended for professionals. It will allow virtual reality mask makers and program designers to measure the performance but also the latency and accuracy of their creations. This time the software will not be enough, it will be associated with laboratory precision instruments.

The publisher is also associated with UL, a company ensuring the safety of technical installations in all kinds of sectors. It is developing a certification program by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of users with virtual reality.

But alongside these very professional applications VRMark will also be offered to players. In the manner of the 3DMark benchmarks, it will provide a technology demonstration for your viewing pleasure. An overview of VRMark even proposed today in the 3DMark Holiday Beta that Futuremark has released on Steam. Owners of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can discover a specific scene in virtual reality and there rediscover four existing scenes of 3DMark.

3DMark 2016: more accessible and flexible

This beta also provides an overview of what will become in 3DMark 2016. The software will benefit from a redesign of the interface, but also of her womb, making it more accessible.

The new home page will automatically display the most appropriate benchmark for the computer. The new “Benchmarks” will in turn download, install and update independently the different scenes. Futuremark be able to offer more easily new scenes or software upgrades without imposing heavy downloads to all users.

The 3DMark Holiday Beta is now available on Steam. It is reserved for those with 3DMark on Steam or those with a key to a standalone version of the software. In other words, it is not free, at least not yet.

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Download 3DMark for Windows.