4 applications to observe the sky and the stars on Android, iPhone and iPad

light pollution, overcast, no discerning eye: there are many reasons that prevent us from properly observing the sky and celestial bodies that compose it. To help you better enjoy the next meteor showers and other cosmic events visible to the naked eye, eLaptopComputer.com selected four astronomical observation applications on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Recommended to all fans who want to know more about the subject, Night of Stars is his interest in audiovisual guided tours it offers. Astronomy lessons given cover a wide range of categories, focusing on both the solar system in general, as the planets or stars. To illustrate each comment Night of Stars reproduced in real time chart 360. You can study the cosmos day and night, and see the invisible stars, located on the other side of the Earth.

Night of Stars Volumes 1 & 2

Still in a learning objective, Star Night reveals traced to specific stars which you can see the identity cards. These imaginary lines help you find the planets and stars, whatever the weather and light conditions.

Pros; + varied and educational tours; + Reproduction of map sky in real time and 360; + Monitoring the astronomical news

Star Walk 2

Cons – Advertisements ubiquitous in the free version – Lack of interaction with the user – No possibility of pointing freely planets or stars

Download Night of Stars Volume 1 for Android (Free) Download Night of Stars Volume 1 for iPhone / iPad (Free) Download Night of Stars Volume 2 for Android (Free) Download Night of Stars Tomes 2 for iPhone / iPad (Free )

More interactive than Night of Stars, Star Walk 2 uses the GPS position of your smartphone to view the chart screen that is currently above you. Day or night, you visualize in real time the position of the stars in space. For added immersion sensation, Star Walk 2 uses the camera of your device to view the sky in augmented reality.

Many additional features help to better identify celestial bodies, such as the settings of the apparent magnitude or night mode. Constellations are perfectly identifiable, and it is possible to individually identify each star that makes up thanks to the touch zoom. However, if you want to benefit from details about them, it is essential to unblock the Novice release. The Expert version in turn, provides complete access to everything you need to know about the extended solar system, satellites and deep sky objects.

Pros; + Map real-time sky and interactive; + Constellations perfectly identifiable; + Night mode; + Using augmented reality for more immersion

Cons – Contains app purchases

Download Star Walk 2 for Android (Free) Download Star Walk 2 for iPhone / iPad (Free)

Less stingy with information about the stars and satellites that dot the sky, SkyView also uses augmented reality to immerse you even more in your space travel. A central viewfinder simplifies pointing planets and constellations you get the lowdown. Additional tools can generate fixed screenshots or video, to preserve and share your memories of cosmic exploration.

To help you better conceptualize the apparent motions of the stars and the trajectory of the planets, the International Space Station and the Hubble telescope, SkyView allows you to change the date and time. side parameters, the application adjusts the size of the stars to focus on other celestial objects. A night mode reduces light pollution is driven by your screen when using the night App.

Pros; + Works offline; + Using augmented reality to immerse; + Displays many celestial bodies, including satellites; + Fixed Screenshots and Video


Map of Heaven


Cons – Application in English only – Contains app purchases

SkyView download for Android (Free) Download SkyView for iPhone / iPad (Free)

Carte du Ciel has all the features offered by its competitors, and more. The application prompts you to manually enter your GPS coordinates or enter the name of your city to propel you to the stars. Able to handle augmented reality to better immerse yourself in the heart of the space, Sky Map automatically freezes when you wish to further explore a specific area. By tapping on a planet of your choice, you get an information sheet explaining the distance from the Earth and the Sun, the diameter of the planets and galaxies, the stars of spectral type as well as their azimuth.

The application facilitates the search for specific items through an index organized according to the body type, whether it is a planet, a constellation, a star or a messier object. Additional parameters include the display of the Equatorial grid, atmospheres, orbit and ecliptic planes. Not forgetting the night mode, essential for those who wish to observe the sky in complete darkness. Finally, those who wish to access the extended solar system and observe in real time the position of comets, meteors or satellites rains can upgrade Map of the Sky since its free version.

Pros; + Manual Coordinate entry; + Using augmented reality; + Poster many constellations and planets; + Sheets comprehensive information; + Ability to zoom to better study a particular star

Cons – comets, meteor showers and satellites available only in the paid version

Download Sky Map for Android (Free) Download Map of the Sky for iPhone / iPad (Free)

Although closely followed by its competitors, Sky Map itself as the most comprehensive app for those who wish to observe the sky at any time of day or night. Identifying many, many constellations, stars and planets, the application promises an interstellar journey rich in discoveries and detailed content. Display settings and Night mode significantly improve the experience of space exploration that you can add additional content available in the premium version.