4 free apps for reading on Android, iPhone and iPad

Library rats affirm loud and clear: the paper is better. Yet despite all the qualities conferred the physical book, we must recognize that the e-book contains undeniable practicality. Lighter, less bulky, it is even capable of holding a literary collection. Ideal for transport or on vacation, reading lamp fits snugly in your smartphone or tablet, and can sometimes acquire new works instantly. To help you find the best ebook reader application, eLaptopComputer.com selected four free apps to read on Android, iPhone and iPad.

very complete application for Android smartphones and tablets, Universal Book Reade r fully meets the expectations of its users. Its interface representing the shelves of a library provides easy access to your various books you organize alphabetically by author names or dates added. Compatible with fifty traditional extensions, supports the reading light easily import your locally stored documents and management of DRM ebooks legally acquired. Universal Book Reader rivals ergonomics and offers to set great features (adjusting brightness, font size, night mode) from the currently playing content. It also retains the ability to select and comment sections of text that you can find easily with affixed bookmarks. The insatiable readers appreciate the integration of harboring library free content or paid.

Universal Book Reader

Pros; + More than 50 supported formats; + Ability to import books stored locally; DRM + management; + Adjusting the brightness and font size for reading current page; + integrated Bookstore

Cons – not intrusive Advertisements removed with the Premium version

Marvin 3

Download Universal Book Reader for Android (Free)

Alternative Universal Book Reader on iPhone and iPad, Marvin 3 is the culmination of a long process of updating operated by a developer. Third version of the acclaimed Marvin, this ebook reader gains in power and reveals a nice interface to browse. Among the multitude of customization tools and comfort available to users, it raises the possibility of adjusting the brightness, night mode switcher, resize text size, change the font, change the color of the back -plan, highlight text, put bookmarks. All these options are subject to shortcut gestures to make your more intuitive reading experience. Marvin 3 takes advantage of the latest innovations of iOS, shipping Split View, Slide Over and Spotlight for compatible devices. Well as ultra-complete, this eReader supports the EPUB formats, CBR and CBZ, and does not support DRM. Marvin 3 includes support for Dropbox and facilitates the transfer of your library from an earlier version of the app at the latest.

Pros; + Very many tools improving reading comfort; + Award gestural commands to the different setting options; + Integration of Split View, Slide Over and Spotlight; + Support for Dropbox

Cons – Only three supported formats (EPUB, CBR, CBZ) – No DRM management

Download Marvin 3 for iPhone / iPad (Free)

Although Universal Book Reader includes support for comic books, comics and manga, devotees of prefer to go through a dedicated application. Functional on Android tablets and smartphones, Challenger Comics Reader fulfills its role to perfection. Although qu’équipée an uninviting interface, this essential reading lamp boasts multiple features perfectly suited to the image as the automatic loading of pages, multi-touch zoom, single or double page display, playback from left to right or from right to left, the brightness of the management, or applying various filters to improve the rendering of images displayed. Challenger Comics Reader clearly displays your library all the books available on your device and stands out from its competitors by integrating the storage media on the network. Among the supported protocols and services, it falls Google Drive, Dropbox, onedrive, DLNA / UPnP, WebDAV, FTP and SFTP. Managing image and archive specific to comics and manga formats, it supports EPUB although its operation is not optimized for.

Pros; + Manages perfectly comic books, comics and mangas; + Many essential features for viewing images and reading comfort; + Reading from left to right and from right to left; + Support for many cloud services and network protocols

Cons – uninviting Interface – sometimes Lack of clarity in its operation – Playback Options traditional ebooks virtually nonexistent

Download Challenger Comics Viewer for Android (Free)

Much like its counterpart on Android, Chunky Comic Reader specializes in reading comic books, manga and comics. Much more intuitive than Challenger Comics Viewer, this application only available on iPad has a clearly structured interface displaying all works stored on your tablet, provided they are the formats CBZ, CBR, CBT or PDF. Alongside the traditional brightness adjustment options and contrast Chunky Comic Reader resizes images intelligently to offer lower resolutions acceptable visual quality. By its nature, it is of course possible to configure the app to read from right to left or left to right, as well as view a single page or double. The free version of Chunky Comic Reader allows access and download your comics and manga since many cloud services like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, onedrive, Amazon or Mediafire. In premium version, the reading light is able to connect to your Windows or Mac computer, as well as various network devices such as NAS, FTP or SFTP to allow you to enjoy your streaming content.

Challenger Comics Viewer

Chunky Comic Reader


Pros; + Intuitive interface; + Many reading comfort features; + Optimize display and scroll images; + Connect to cloud services and network equipment

Cons – No support for traditional ebooks (EPUB) – Not compatible with iPhone

Download Chunky Comic Reader for iPad (Free)

Multifunctional and perfectly accessible to all types of users, Universal Book Reader holds the attention of the editors. In addition to its many options and settings critical to reading comfort, the application includes support for many formats of ebooks, and knows even manage comics and manga. Management DRM is appreciated and integrating a rich library of free and paid content. IPhone owners and iPad can turn to Marvin 3 with very similar features should satisfy any bookworm.