40 years Apple: A Review

On April 1, 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded together with her friend Ronald Wayne, the company Apple.

O ne chance encounter has shaped the course of computer history decisively: About a mutual friend in 1971 learned of the 15-year-old high school student Steve Jobs and the five year old college student Steve Wozniak know. The two “Steves” enthusiastic about electronics, loved rustic jokes and were so in spite of the age difference close friends. this website happy birthday and shows all the details of the big Apple world.

Apple iPhone history from 2007 to today

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From the garage to global player

Hard to believe that 40 years ago was the world group from a garage project of two friends. To date, much has happened. Twelve milestones summarize the history of the company together.

Milestones in Apple History

1971: The Steves get to know

About a friend in 1971 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met. The two “Steves” enthusiastic about electronics, loved rustic jokes and were so in spite of the age difference close friends. Wozniak, the all “Woz” called, was a passionate tinkerer, who stood out as a technical genius among the many other young computer hobbyists in Silicon Valley. Jobs lacked this talent, but he had as a young man – unlike Woz – a concrete idea of ​​how to change the world with technology. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built five years later in a garage the first Apple computer. The devices, which they sold for $ 666.66, consisting only of the motherboard – without casing and keyboard. The era of the personal computer began.

1976/77: Foundation

On April 1, In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak with her friend Ronald Wayne, the company Apple. Wayne left but after eleven days, the company because he wanted the personal liability risk not support as a family man. Coincidentally met 1977 venture capitalist Mike Markkula, the two long-haired guys in the garage of Jobs’ parents in Los Altos together push up the first computer time. To get out of the hobbyist niche, the young company desperately needed fresh money. Markkula had virtually adopted with 32 years already in retirement, because he had come in the early days of the semiconductor industry early into a million-asset. While other investors brusquely rejected the then unkempt occurring Steve Jobs with his visionary business ideas, Markkula saw the potential immediately. The Apple II, the company launched a ready PC in a plastic casing and with a color graphics card on the market, which sold over two million copies to 1993rd

1980: The IPO

Apple goes public. Turnover was already increased to 117 million US dollars.

1983-1985: The resignation of Steve Jobs To ascend to the first division of the US company, advertised jobs in 1983 known Pepsico manager John Sculley from. “Do you want the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you take the chance to change the world?” Was the legendary question of jobs with which he ultimately won Sculley as Apple CEO. However, under the “dream duo” Jobs and Sculley it did not go smoothly at Apple. The introduction of the computer Lisa proved bust – and also promoted by Jobs Macintosh computer launched in 1984 initially weak. The relationship between Jobs and Sculley cooled on this losing streak significantly. 1985 left Apple co-founder Jobs for a showdown with Sculley on the Board his company, founded shortly afterwards NeXT and purchased the animation studio Pixar.

After the departure of Jobs Apple scored Although the Mac in particular in the publishing industry some success, however, did not succeed Sculley and his team to stop the victorious advance of Microsoft and its Windows system. And new developments such as the personal digital assistant Newton flopped tremendously.

1996: Steve Jobs returns

After the release of Windows 95 in August 1995 it became tighter for Apple. The market share of Macs had shrunk to a low single-digit percentage. 1996 posted Apple one year loss of 1 billion dollars – the market price, which was still at $ 70 in 1991, fell to 14 US dollars. Attempts to replace the outdated operating system through own developments, failed. Apple was a few weeks before the collapse: The former Apple CEO Gilbert Amelio looked for a way for Steve Jobs and offered his company NeXT including operating system to buy and reclaim the once disgraced Apple co-founder as a consultant. A year later supplanted Jobs then Amelio from the post of Apple CEO.

1997: Microsoft invests

Among the great interest in computer history is one that Jobs then calculated, won a nemesis, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates as a partner. Microsoft stuck in 1997 not just 150 million dollars in the non-performing competitors but also promised to continue to develop the important ‘Microsoft Office’ for the Mac. Presumably Gates wanted to keep up with the generous gesture any cartel from the neck, which at that time had the rude business practices by Microsoft in the “browser war” against Netscape in their sights.

1998: The iMac was the breakthrough

Jobs renewed after his return, first the computer models of Apple. The first iMac (a compact computer with colorful plastic case, 1998) had been consistently geared to the Internet and found certainly also due to the extraordinary designs many buyers.

2001: iTunes changed the music market

2001 rolled Jobs and his team the music market around. Although it was before the iPod portable MP3 players, but to no it was so easy to pack thousands of songs to go into the pocket. The record labels soon realized that the sale of music via iTunes offered a real alternative to illegal downloads – although many in the aftermath strove with the new hegemony of Apple.

2007: Start of the smart phone era

His masterpiece yielded jobs from January of 2007. In San Francisco he presented in a legendary keynote, the first iPhone and gave the direction for the smartphone market before, which should provide the mobile industry on its head. The iPhone outclassed top dogs like Nokia and BlackBerry. Only Google held with its Android system on the other hand, leaving the iPhone in units sold even far behind. Apple did not stop the development by patent suits against Google partners like Samsung. However, the competitors dreaming today of sales and profits, the Apple achieves with his smartphone.

2010: The iPad comes

With the iPad undertook Jobs 2010 – already heavily marked by cancer – his last attempt to shake up an established market. The tablet computer designed similar to the iPhone in the first quarters of tremendous growth pace. But unlike the iPhone went the iPad after three years Gipfelsturm run out of steam, while sales shrank. So Apple depends today mainly by the success of the iPhone.

2011: Tim Cook is CEO

Jobs dies of cancer at the age of 56 years. The management of the company he transfers a few weeks before to Tim Cook. He may not have the charismatic appearance of his legendary predecessor – but the 55-year-old manager has Apple in recent years, his mark. The group pays more attention to environmental aspects, data protection and the working conditions at its suppliers, communicates more open than in the Jobs era and pours billion from to shareholders. Last dares Cook a confrontation with the US government to encrypt the iPhone.

Cook suggested to start as Apple CEO in October 2011, some skepticism. Because he was previously responsible for the daily operations and indeed had the founders represented from time to time. But he was not considered a product visionary as its predecessor. But Cook did not even try, Jobs’ fill shoes, but left chief designer Jony Ive a lot of responsibility – and other top managers. Not later than the iPhone 6 proved that Apple also builds under Cook successful devices.

2015: The computer’s arm comes

With the Apple Watch the Group since Jobs’ death pushes the first time before a new product category and evolves according to analysts immediately become the market leader with a share of around 60 percent. (With material of dpa.)

Apps for iPhone as everyday companion

Since then, Apple iPhone, presented in 2007, the market and software developers walked recognized the potential of the small squares – so the apps – on the home screen. Since the first hour this website gathers the best applications for you.

The 100 Best iPhone Apps

100 Apps

Utilities, navigation software, music & Co.

iPhone SE and 6S as top models

In time for the 40th birthday presents Apple with the iPhone SE a new model. After the iPhone 6S and the larger iPhone 6S Plus and the ever-growing iPhones, Apple thinks again one size smaller. Instead of the 4,7- (6S) or 5.5 inch pocket computers (6S Plus) focuses the SE at one of the most popular sizes of bygone days: As with the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S is Apple on the advantages of a smaller 4 inch screen – with current 6S technology inside. Another successful model? this website has tested the iPhone SE.

Video about

Apple has experienced in its history of ups and downs: The computer pioneer was in 1997 even the verge of bankruptcy. But then Steve Jobs back.

40 years Apple: Rocky road to success

2010 came the iPad

With the iPad, the company from Cupertino mixed 2010 to the established market. The tablet computer designed similar to the iPhone the first quarters tremendous growth pace. Happy birthday Apple introduced the iPad Pro 9.7. The name is no accident: In many respects, the new iPad Pro and be introduced in October 2015 big brother same. this website considered the successor to the iPad Air 2 in extensive laboratory testing. Also recommends the editors 150 applications belonging to each iPad. Under each app you will find the price and a link that takes you to the featured application on the App Store.

Download: The best iPad apps

100 Applications

Programs for Apple’s tablet PC

iOS – the operating system on the go

From iOS operating concept it is so convinced Apple that instead of the usual manual only a small leaflet showing the features and the operation in the overview. However, although the control is easy with a little practice of hand, is not all self-explanatory. Did you know that your headset, for example, is also the trigger for the camera? Or you have already created an individual vibration signal? The iPhone provides much – but says it is not any. this website has collected the most useful tricks for smartphone and clearly summarized for you. The current mobile Apple operating system iOS 9.3 contains many practical functions such as a night-time and multi-user mode.

Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

30 Tips

Tricks for iDevice

iPhone 7 – the next revolution?

From the iPhone to 7 fans hope the end of 2016 major innovations. What technical innovations Apple wants to convince and how does the new Apple smartphone? this website has bundled all the rumors on the net and clarifies what it has with the iPhone 7 to himself. While Apple in secret lab probably tinkering and testing, this website has worked in collaboration with the internationally renowned designer Martin Hajek on its own design.

iPhone 7: Exclusive designs of this website

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Apple is working on virtual reality

Californians also work meticulously on a VR glasses – at least according to the current news situation. Apple is said to have set up a secret research department, which deals with virtual reality. Even the first prototypes there are loud rumors already. 3D Designer Martin Hajek and this website have therefore teamed up again and made first thoughts on the new Apple product. The result is world-exclusive and spectacular mock-ups of an Apple VR.

Apple VR: Exclusive designs of this website

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A new sensation must ago

After a modest Exchange 2015 Apple lost in February 2016 day the position of the most valuable publicly traded company on the Google-parent alphabet – although Apple in a quarter more profit making as the entire Google Group in one year. Whether and how long Apple can say at the top, depends primarily on the sales success of the iPhone. But in order to dominate the long term, it needs the Group almost ten years after the introduction of the iPhone succeed again, completely revamp a market. Maybe Apple Car is an option.

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