5 FPS free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

If the FPS were riding high on PC and consoles, what about the versions available on mobile? The editors have understood that there was a market to conquer this first platform for less than ideal for this genre. Through skilful compromise, they still managed to adapt the genre to touch interfaces, with gameplay tailored to the support. Writing eLaptopComputer.com reviewed several FPS for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone only propose that the top five.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is undoubtedly one of the mobile FPS among the most successful. The title of Gameloft, released in 2014, had set the bar high by offering rich content that borrows many elements to key titles on consoles and PC, and a realization perfectly controlled touch screen. If, however, the game scenario seems vague and is only an excuse to pull the trigger, Modern Combat 5: Blackout promise you one thing: you can romp and feel some excitement, unsheathing a powerful arsenal that diverse . The title, paying in its infancy, has since adopted the model of free-to-play and requires an Internet connection. The single player mode offers you to play six classes of soldiers (commando, grenadier, scout, sniper, support or bounty hunter), each with their own abilities, which vary from a maximum of actions. You can for each soldier, improve skills, but also his equipment. The tasks proposed in the solo career is quite short but intense, and invite you to eliminate a dangerous terrorist band led by a psychopath with dark plans for the planet. Besides this solo career, Modern Combat 5: Blackout proposes to extend the gaming experience via a multiplayer mode where you and your team face off against players from around the world.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The +; + Graphics Quality; + Multiple game modes available; + Life Game

The – – Approximate Scenario – Many advertising – Obligation to have an Internet connection to play

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Gameloft, again, had the excellent idea to offer its FPS N.O.V.A. 3 in two versions, a paid, ad-free, the other completely free, without any in-app purchase, but through displaying some advertisements that are acceptable and not mar in any way the gaming experience. N.O.V.A. 3 is not recommended if you are new to the genre and is intended primarily for experienced players, the game difficulty keeping it relatively high for a mobile title. The story makes you embody Kal Wardin, a soldier back to Earth to save mankind. Although the game was originally released in 2012, its brilliantly realized graphics always allow it to compete with other more recent. In addition to providing a breathless fashion campaign N.O.V.A. 3 offers the possibility to last a little more fun through a local multiplayer for Wi-Fi, but also online where you can compete against players of France and Navarre in individual death match and team , catch the flag or place, etc.

The +; + Ability to play without an Internet connection; + No integrated proposed purchase; + Graphics Quality

NOVA. 3 Freedom Edition

Dead Effect 2

Dead Trigger 2


The – – Few updates – Obligation to register Gameloft Live to play online

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Released in late 2015, Dead Effect 2 was the surprise. The FPS developed by a small independent studio Czech propels you on board the ESS Meridian, boarding a spaceship voluntary open cryogenic sleep waiting to colonize new planets located outside the solar system. The nightmare begins for you when you wake up: all persons on board the vessel have, it seems, insane and flock to you to devour you. So you start in the exploration of the ship to try to survive in a promising solo campaign, according to the publisher, twenty hours of play plus ten hours of special missions. The graphics is excellent, while the overall ambiance and sound effects give you certainly goosebumps. Dead Effect 2 offers many customization options, affecting both the gameplay (automatic fire or not, subtitles of the dialogues), the machine’s performance on which you play (ability to choose the level of detail in graphics , textures, shadows, etc.), or orders. Only downside: no element of the game is translated into French. It will therefore necessarily be polyglot if you want a little bit to understand the missions entrusted to you.

The +; + Realization; + No advertising; + Very many customization options

The – – No translation in French menus – Obligation to connect past the first level

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Prepare to shiver with fear Dead Trigger 2. While the world is plagued by a terrible invasion of zombies, you have to travel the world to exterminate those horrible eaters brains. The grip of the game, very simple, do not ask you that very little action. Aside move and look around, you will not have much else to do to ensure that your back. Natively, the gun automatically shoot the zombies depending on your proximity to these, but fortunately it is possible to select a control manual shooting. During your missions, you will get your team valuable allies to which you can apply to manufacture new weapons, drugs, improve your equipment, etc., with the money you have collected on slaughtered zombies. These allow you also get easily ammunition when you are not located near a cartridge box to refuel. Several types of enemies will try to stop you: the classic zombies, which allow you to recover money and ammunition, but also suicide bombers, usually more generous, that you can, for example, find pieces of plans that, once reconstituted , allow you to build more powerful weapons.

The +; + Number and diversity of missions; + Ability to choose the type of control; + Numerous updates

The -; – Internet connection required to play – Waiting time to perform certain tasks – Video Advertisements

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While a zombie epidemic touches the heart of New York, you play as Joe, a member of the Wolfpack unit, a private military company dedicated to the anti-zombie fight. Here too, the tasks are offered are short and can sometimes leave you hungry, especially if you do not have enough credits to play. Indeed, Unkilled uses a system of credits that regenerate energy as long as you wait a few minutes. You’ll understand if you do not have the patience to wait to go blow up the zombie, you have to go through the box. The absence of scenario is obvious, but Unkilled has at least the merit to go to the point. Your missions (over 300) will allow you to earn money and upgrades. You will be able to equip you with more powerful weapons, essential to eliminate the diversity of enemies waiting for you. If the title is graphically well done, we bitterly regret a too limited set of system and too short missions.

The +; + Graphics Quality

The – – scenario of Poverty – Limitation of the game by an energy system – far too short Missions

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout and N.O.V.A. 3, playing more or less in the same category are clearly above the basket. With detailed graphics that do not have to blush in 2016 despite the age of the titles, they are undoubtedly part of the most successful and most successful FPS on a touch interface. Effect 2 Dead, conducted by an independent studio, but just tease the two big names with SPF brilliantly directed and offering many options that most demanding appreciate. All three graphically impeccable, they adopt a business model supported by advertising that manages to satisfy the player without undermining playing comfort, all in a compelling adaptation of FPS style with touch interfaces.