5 free applications on Android and iPhone to find a city parking

A half-hour ride to three quarters of an hour to park. Far from being in a picnic, park his vehicle regularly in pain for most drivers. crowded streets, or found too expensive car parks, parking hunting annoys as much as it wastes time. Writing eLaptopComputer.com has selected five free apps to help you find a place quickly.

Designed for customers as for occasional users, Park Indigo lists all brand car parks on a map. For each park are specified in real time the number of places available and the hourly rates. By accessing the detail of the data sheet, it is possible to read the full address, accepted means of payment, available services, and access conditions. Green Drivers can even filter their searches according to the availability of electrical recharges. Park Indigo calculates for you the route to the selected parking and automatically sends your GPS. And allow you to set your parking directly from your mobile, application ships PayByPhone service.

Park Indigo

Pros; + Estimate the number of places available in real time; + Details the different services and access conditions for each park; + Integrates PayByPhone; + Calculates the route to the car park of your choice

Cons – Do lists that paid parking – Need to pre-register on the website to access certain services the app

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Parant the eternal anguish of parking, Zenpark offers to book at the last minute a place for your car in a parking partners. These parks are referenced on a map and clearly display their hourly rates and access conditions. Reliable and practical, Zenpark not, however, intended for casual users. The cause: a mandatory and laborious registration process in which you confirm your banking details. Regulars on the other hand there are a significant comfort as the decreasing rates provide for the long-term lease of certain places. Facilitating autonomy and movements of its users, Zenpark incorporates a remote control function, with open access to all car parks.

Pros; + Ability to book a place; + Details the different services and access conditions for each park; + Includes a remote control function to access the car park at any time; + Billing per minute for short term parking; + formulas advantageous to lease long-term placements





Cons – Registration required long and complex; – Need to inform its bank details – Do refer and pay parking

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Available in over 500 cities worldwide, Parkme displayed on a map all air and underground car parks nearby, all brands. Readable, the application shall immediately forward the hourly rates charged for each park, and reported their occupancy rates in real time. Whether you drive a car, truck or motorcycle, Parkme fits your template and allows you to filter search based on vehicle park. To save you the settlement of an hour started, the application notifies you when the parking time expires. Parkme finally has a function “Find My Car” that should delight more stunned and spare them the desperate search for their parking location.

Pros; + Indicates all overhead and underground parking; + Adapts to the size of the vehicle driven; + Ability to set an alarm when the parking time expires; + Function “Find My Car” to not lose his vehicle ; + Ability to add parking unreferenced

Cons – Get partly in English – aging Interface

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legitimate contraction of the words parking and encyclopedia Parkopedia itself as a directory of all public parks available nearby. You can sort your searches based on several criteria such as distance, price, availability of seats and ratings by other users. Ergonomically, the application uses a color code to the hourly rate ranges to help you easily identify good areas-market and expensive. The advantage of Parkopedia also lies in its ability to identify areas and street parking lots, sometimes offering a free alternative to underground parks.

Pros; + Lists all underground parks and nearby street parking; + Relies on notes and user feedback; + Different relevant search criteria; + Ability to add parking to your favorites; + Search History

Cons – No estimate of the number of places available

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Omniscient, Polly stands out from its competitors by offering a brand new concept. The app is indeed able to guide you through the streets of the world depending on the areas where you are most likely to find a place to park. Impressive skills that Polly has its perfect knowledge of the streets, the attendance area and parking signs. So rather than turning long minutes looking for a place to park, Polly will automatically guide you to the nearest area in which you are likely to find easily the place thanks to its onboard GPS. And if the app fails, it does not admit defeat so far, leading you to the nearest public parking.

Pros; + Able to guide you in the less busy streets; + Lists all public car parks; + Integrates PayByPhone; + Available worldwide; + Embarque its own GPS; + Locates your car once parked

Cons – No estimate of the number of available spaces in public car parks

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Unbeatable on the streets, public parking, parking signs and attendance districts worldwide, Polly takes indisputably the top spot. Smart, the app feeds on the experiences of its users to hone its algorithm. Capping the double hat of city parking, Polly knows indicate streets where you will find the place, as well as the surrounding parking lots on failure. We also like its vehicle navigation module, the support PayByPhone, and the ability to calculate a route to his car to find it easily.