5 free apps for taking notes on Android, iPhone and iPad

It’s a fact: smartphones and tablets today contains virtually all our lives. Reminders, lists, ideas, notes, everything is now recorded and accessible on mobile. Must still find a good notebook able to properly manage your memos and other observations on the world around you. To give a boost to your research, writing eLaptopComputer.com traveled Play Store and App Store in search of 5 free applications to effectively take notes on Android, iPhone and iPad.

streamlined note-taking solution to the extreme, fast Notepad is not less effective. Devoid of any superfluous functionality, the application is intended primarily for those who wish to record ideas on the fly, snatches of phrases or reminders. The only tools at your disposal are a blank page and a virtual keyboard, demanding you to the basics. To help you find your way easily, Fast Notepad supports the creation of folders in which you organize your notes. Concerning the management of sensitive data, the app features a AES-256 encryption algorithm and proposes assigning a password to the notes that you consider confidential.

Fast Notepad

Pros; + Interface sober, efficient and intuitive; + Create folders; + Encryption and password protection of confidential notes

Cons – Not many editing tools; – Inability to integrate attachments – No online synchronization

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More elaborate as Fast Notepad, FiiNote provides many editing tools in addition to its keyboard. You can write text with the fingertips, each word being resized proportionally to the size of tiles in the current page. A drawing tool lets you draw freehand color forms. The most demanding will be pleased to crop, resize and insert images of their choice. FiiNote also stands out from its competitors through a tagging system that allows you to index content in your notes and find them easily via the integrated search engine.

Pros; + Very many editing tools; + Create folders; + Indexing notes with tags; + Online Synchronization of up to 100 MB for the free version





Cons – The completeness of tools confronts the user with a first engagement laborious hand

Download FiiNote for Android (Free)

AudioNote offers more limited features, but includes support for audio recordings. Recommended to students, the application allows you to associate keywords to voice segments, facilitating the search for specific passages through the integration of hyperlinks. AudioNote course allows taking traditional notes, as well with a keyboard than freehand. A photo mode offers the possibility to integrate, move and resize pictures to illustrate all or part of a note. To highlight important phrases, highlighter colors the words you tap. Finally, the application submits to your writing habits and offers page templates depending on whether you prefer the lines, tile or white leaves.

Pros; + Ergonomic; + Sync audio and written; + Create folders

Cons – Lack of editing tools; – The free version limits the records to 5 minutes per grade – No online synchronization

Download AudioNote for Android (Free) Download AudioNote for iPhone / iPad (Free)

SimpleNote offers rudimentary tools essential for effective note. The application is aimed indeed to receive your ideas, reminders, your lists of things to do, with ease. A keyboard and a blank page is your only paraphernalia down on smartphone and tablet all that goes through your mind. SimpleNote manages tags rather than folders to help you quickly find thematic papers. An important note can be pinned to the top of your list through the monitoring process. Finally, additional features allow the online publication and sharing of notes previously selected with the contacts of your choice.

Pros; + Simple and powerful; + Effective management of tags instead of folders; + Online Synchronization without storage limit

Cons – No editing tools

Download SimpleNote for Android (Free) Download SimpleNote for iPhone / iPad (Free)

By far the most complete application, but also the heaviest, Evernote is more of a workspace full as a simple tool for taking notes. basic options (creating notes, handwriting or keyboarding, organizational files, etc.) are lined with advanced features that assess Evernote in a fusion of Notepad and Slack. The Work Chat allows you to share and communicate directly with the contacts of your choice, and so establish a collaborative structure. Finally, Evernote handles attachments, external links and reminders, completing prove the completeness of the application.

Pros; + complete and autonomous tool; + Incorporates collaborative workspace; + Provides a document scanner; + synchronization between all devices connected

Cons – The free version only offers 60 MB of online space – heavy Application

Download Evernote for Android (Free) Download Evernote for iPhone / iPad (Free) Download Evernote for Windows Phone (Free)

Meeting within a single interface a notebook, editing tools, a manager of media files, a handheld scanner and a collaborative workspace, Evernote takes easily to the top of the podium. Intuitive and comprehensive in its functionality, the application should certainly meet the consumer needs of users. Evernote also adapts to the specific needs of demanding users and provides advanced options through two levels of membership, namely Evernote Premium Evernote and more.


I’m surprised not to see Onenote Microsoft in this comparison;. Free and very functional, I use it daily (Android first then Windows Surface) and I am satisfied. Unlike EverNote I used a lot, I’ve never lost data even in case of crash: The real-time synchronization is very effective.