5 free apps to find gasoline on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone

While French refineries are currently blocked by striking workers, drivers, lack of fear, rushed in service stations to refuel there. Accordingly, the shortage is beginning to gain the whole country and it is becoming increasingly difficult in some areas to be able to find a working gas pump. Writing eLaptopComputer.com has selected for you five applications for iPhone and Android to help you find the nearest gas stations you.

Since its opening, Diesel geolocates Now you and shows your position on a map. Two buttons located on either side of the card are then available to start the search for a gas station. The left instantly launches the search for the stations closest to you, while the right button allows you to identify the cheapest stations around you. By tapping on the name of a station from the results, you will get additional information like the price of other fuels or the date of the last update of prices. As Petrol, Diesel Now proposes to open applications as maps, Waze or Google Maps to search for a route there instantly. The application settings let you choose your fuel and indicate the capacity of your tank. This information is used when searching for a station to indicate the approximate price of full based on price per liter informed. Now diesel also proposes to indicate your favorite stores to help you filter your search results.

Now diesel

The more +; + Interface; + Ability to filter signs; + Directions from a third party application

The – – Many options available in integrated shopping – Advertisements that hide certain information

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The first impression is quite good Mobicarbu. The application features a refined interface and immediately shows a list of the nearest stations. The search can be filtered according to the distance, but also the price or even signs. Mobicarbu natively offers the results for a search of diesel fuel, but the fuel can easily be changed in the settings. It is also possible to select other fuels compatible with the one chosen to get more results in your searches. Mobicarbu to specify the capacity of your tank to provide an estimate of the cost of a full, touching the price per liter displayed in search results. The application offers again to choose their favorite GPS application to open automatically when you search for a route. Only regret, if the application is free to download, it actually offers a free 7 day trial, then a subscription Discount to continue to enjoy the features.

The developer of the application, however, offers free access to all functions of the application for the shortage by entering the promo code “PENURIE2016” in Settings> Access Service> promo code.


Service stations



The +; + Interface; + Filters; + indication of the price per liter, in full, and the saving

The – – Free Trial limited to 7 days

Mobicarbu download for iPhone (Demo)

Unlike other applications, Stations proposes no tariff. The application is the bare minimum, reserves for emergencies. It allows you to find the nearest service stations to you, without any criterion other than that of finding fuel for refueling. Since its opening, all stations detected within less than 2 Km are displayed as a list or directly on Google Maps by automatically classifying the nearest to the farthest. By selecting the desired station, Stations Service offers to open Google Maps to establish the route there.

The +; + Easy to use; No advertising +

The – – Limiting the search radius – No information on prices; – No search filter

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Search fuel at the best price and in all circumstances, that is what tries to propose Zagaz. After indicating your search radius, the maximum price not to exceed and type of desired fuel Zagaz offers to find the nearest stations by displaying them in a list or on a map. Upon entering the station details, you will get the prices of all fuels offered by the resort, but also the opening hours, if the station offers a payment CB 24/24, 7/7 and that the services proposed as the presence or absence of a filling station, washing, etc. Zagaz carries with it other functions rather well felt as an “Alarm Mode” to use when making the highway and once activated you can find close to the motorway petrol stations and offering a price 10-20 cents cheaper. This saves several euros on the full, but also on the toll exiting and entering again on the highway. Finally, the application has been offering its settings to select your preferred navigation application that will automatically be used when searching for a route, limiting the number of manipulations to achieve.

The +; + Mode Alarm to find a cheaper station near the highway; + Choice of GPS automatically to third-party application used for route search; + Ability to set a maximum price per liter.

The – – aging Interface

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The application Essence offers to find the nearest service station or cheaper depending on your position with the opportunity to select a search radius from 1 to 50 km. Comprehensive, Essence allows you to search the function of fuel stations you need: SP95, SP98, SP95 E10, E85, Diesel and LPG. Once informed each parameter, you see directly on a map gas stations around you. The results are displayed in a list, but it is possible to view the stations found directly on a map. The prices indicated in the application are frequently updated by users. Entering the details of a station, it is possible to get the prices of all fuels offered, but also whether the pumps are empty. The price of the update buttons then dimmed. Finally, Essence is capable of a route to the selected station by opening a third-party application like Waze GPS, Maps or Google Maps.

The +; + Indications of vacuum pumps; + Ability to create a route to a third-party application; + Search all nearby stations on a defined route

The less – RAS

Gasoline download for Android (Free) Download Gasoline for iPhone (Free)

Gasoline is the most complete application to find the cheapest fuel or the nearest gas station to you. The interface is simple to grasp and proves to be the clearest. The application is also able to indicate the dry stations and offers a valuable feature facilitating the search for stations by seeking closer on a given route.