5 Tower Defense for free on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Perfectly suited to the mobile of their game structure, Tower Defense is aimed primarily at fans of strategy and difficulty. They take place in the heroic-fantasy universe, SF, real or steampunk, such as dynamic games qu’addictifs proliferate on application stores. To help you find your way, eLaptopComputer.com selected five of the best tower defense games on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Riding on the success of five components acclaimed by gamers, Bloons TD Battles introduces for the first time a multiplayer dimension boosting the Tower Defense. In addition to defending a way against unwelcome balls more or less resistant, you storm and invade other players in real time. Bloons TD Battles offers a large variety of characters, towers and upgrades you unlock strategically throughout your progress. There would be plenty to do for hours, but Bloons TD Battles is unfortunately landmark too many cheaters. And against this species there, few solutions available to you otherwise wait patiently until the fight is cut short against you based uncontrollable waves of iron balls.

Bloons TD Battles

Pros; + Multiplayer; + Gameplay fun and addictive; + Very many characters, unlockable tricks and improvements gradually; + quality graphics

Cons – Too many cheaters – Advertisements – No offline mode: connection loss leads to loss of the current game and associated rewards

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More retro style, Kingdom Rush plays the card of tradition with its heroic-fantasy universe. Here, no balloons, but trolls, orcs and other ugly monsters that you must return to hell before they cross the point of no return. Few laps but many improvements and enemies en masse allow players of all levels to master every subtlety without feeling compelled to read the instruction manual. If we had to find fault with Kingdom Rush, the last pass without challenging levels to get hold of the portfolio we surely would point finger. However, the gameplay proves so complete that those who refuse to pay to play will find a roundabout way to enjoy it to the end.

Pros; + Powers, improvements and varied enemies + Three game modes per level; + Ability to choose the level of difficulty; + 3 save slots

Kingdom Rush

The Creeps!

Radiant Defense

Steampunk Tower

Cons – The difficulty levels of the last push to the actual purchase of heroes and gems

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Innovative in his screenplay, The Creeps! knows hang lovers Tower Defense like freshmen. For each level, you must prevent the nightmare monsters to crawl under the bed of little Johnny. The Creeps! has a respectable variety of towers, super-towers and upgrades you unlock through the parts generated by the destruction of obstacles, zombies, vampires, skeletons, ghosts and bats. Each level is the subject of a growing number of waves of enemies to push, always punctuated by the appearance of a rather tough final boss. Although effective, this structure a repetitive hair sometimes suffers from endless duration encrypted attacks, some of 55 assaults per level.

Pros; + Original Screenplay; + Ideal for apprentices; + Variety of towers, super-towers and improvements; + Graphics cared

Cons – Number of times too large waves per level – repetitive structure

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Bright and galactic, Radiant Defense takes the traditional concept of tower defense but does not hesitate to add a few elements of his invention. With modules, you change and lengthen the path of your enemies, earning a few seconds of respite when the aliens are a little too tough. The numerous towers and improvements balance the game, the levels are far from short on assaults. Radiant Defense manages to gather the ingredients guarantee a good Tower Defense and near perfection. Unfortunately, the levels are growing incredibly quickly in trouble, so much so that it becomes almost necessary to pay a few euros to progress. Unless demonstrate an unstoppable strategic control.

Pros; + Numerous towers and improvements; + Long life; + Ability to change the path taken by the enemy; + Graphics aesthetic

Cons – Quickly difficult – in-app purchases virtually forced

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With its retro-futuristic aesthetic and sophisticated frame, Steampunk Tower shrewdly revisits the genre of Tower Defense. The traditional view of high gives way to a prospect profile, renewing your defensive organization. Instead of several towers with specific capabilities, the same belfry hosts various military forces. The limited number of spaces on the lookout involves considering twice weapons to use based on the type of attacks wiped. Steampunk Tower promises to combine originality and completeness. Despite the many improvements unlocked strategically within the laboratory research, the title suffers from a too short life, leaving the player a vague sense of frustration after the end of the game.

Pros; + innovative concept; + Weapons and varied improvements; + Graphics sophisticated

Cons – too short life

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Offering a traditional, comprehensive and balanced way, Kingdom Rush is a Tower Defense that holds the attention of the editors. Speaking to addicts and beginners, the title fits at each and incorporates several game modes that dramatically lengthen the life span. Finally, the ability to save three different parts allows several players to enjoy Kingdom Rush on the same mobile, regardless of genre masters level. For Windows Phone users, we recommend Radiant Defense, which, although sometimes aggressive in terms of in app purchases, close to perfection with its towers and diverse improvements, its long life and its sophisticated graphics.