6 Applications to improve sexual health

Is already a widely accepted assertion that sex is a fundamental part of our life, not only because it ensures the reproduction of the human species, but because it gives us satisfaction and also covers important needs beyond the merely physical.

Looking for applications for the iPad to help us improve or preserve our sexual life I have found that the issue is very underdeveloped, which surprises me, because it is something that itself is covered on the Internet, including excellent sites specializing in theme reproductive health. However, I have prepared a list of some applications that I consider worthwhile.

This is a guide that explains in simple aspects of reproduction, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, tips for improving sex, etc. Although basic, it can be useful especially for young people. It is divided into 9 categories and texts can be copied and sent to other devices or to your acquaintances and friends via email, Facebook or Twitter, More »

Excessive consumption of pornography or obsession with sex can not only affect sexual health but also cause serious personal and family problems. This application, which has very good recommendations from users, has excellent podcasts and videos from experts, plus a chat line;. All this provides excellent support for those affected by these problems. One of its advantages is that within the available languages ​​is Spanish;. More »

Although there are several applications that allow a control menstrual rhythm, I think this is the best, not only because it also comes in Spanish, but because it has done graphics and sends you alerts;. Simply include data from 2 consecutive periods and application calculates what the average of your cycle, how long it lasts and when the following points will be, including the days of ovulation and fertile. If you want to try other applications, are also Dairy Period and Period Tracker, for example,. More »

One of the keys to a good relationship is that sex does not become boring and monotonous. The application helps to develop a “love sessions”, the routine must develop and follow step. Although only in English, I recommend it because it has very good feedback from users (prefer not to give mine to not be revealing intimacies, you understand me) .; More »

There are several applications dedicated to the Kamasutra, but many are a real fiasco. This is the most popular and is quite acceptable. It is called 69 Positions of Kamasutra Guide. It is worth noting that neither are 69 (but 100) nor are all of the Kamasutra. But that is really unimportant details. What is relevant is that they are well classified, to find what they’re looking for, with clear illustrations (there are pictures) and one of its languages ​​is Spanish. More »

For some the relationship between sex and power it is critical. Well, this application, perhaps the simplest of all I mentioned, gives us a more or less detailed explanation of ingredients and products that traditionally have been considered aphrodisiacs, signaling what may be the cause of its effects. Although there is no medical evidence for their effectiveness, it never hurts to have this information available,. More »