6 Useful applications that are not so well known

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More than once we have found ourselves in situations where we wanted to have a magic wand to help us develop ourselves and we facilitate the task. Although there’s no magic wand, if we can use various apps that make it easier our day.

Its function is to measure houses and create drawings of them, with the help of the device camera (using augmented reality) or manually, developed the plane using the drawing tools in the app.

It is a free downloadable app for personal use (although this assumes see limited our catalog of objects and export formats that, in addition to suffering watermarks on the resulting maps). More », terms of payment for professional and commercial use of this tool is obviously offer.

It is an app that translates in real time. It allows us to translate printed words that will capture with the camera of our device. The results appear immediately on the screen. It works with optical recognition technology and a dictionary. Developed by Visual Quest it was first released for the translation of English and Spanish, but now also translates from English to Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Russian. A great advantage of this application is that it does not need to be connected to the network and is free;. More »

This application is designed for people with little time and want to eat well. Cocinillas is also ideal for the newly independent they have to start cooking alone. With this application you will learn and will elaborate dishes in the simplest way. Those recipes for beginner cooks seem difficult or costly, become easy and simple;. More »

App on purpose for the clueless who never remember where they have parked the car. To find it you can add the data that interest you: street, area … Your car will be located at all times. Also, if you live in a city with public parking regulated with Find My Car app you can set an alarm that will alert you when your parking ticket is about to expire;. More »

If your mood is constantly changing by various issues such as work, family or other personal issues, perhaps you should do is relax a little, give you a whim and go on a trip to try to disconnect from the routine. To choose destination you can use the application minube where you will find different places to travel according to your mood. The aim is to inspire travelers to choose their next vacation destination or find leisure activities for your free time anytime, anywhere. You will also find the best lists and recommendations created by users minube;. More »

Surely more than once while you were in a shop, a cafeteria, a waiting room … sounds a song on the radio and you like, but do not know or do not remember neither the singer nor the title of the song. Then you spend all day with the song in your head and humming without stopping. Now it will be easier to identify when these songs. SoundHound is a mobile application that tracks and identifies even hummed songs. It is the fastest and most reliable to find that song that you are trying to identify results app;. More »