7 Tips: Get out of the doldrums

Finally back in a good mood: With the tips of this website you climb out of the doldrums.

A lthough the revelers now in Carnival are booming: For many, the mood is currently in the basement, as well as the temperatures outside. You feel tired for weeks, have nothing fancy and would prefer not to get up from the couch? Then you have as close to a million people in Germany at winter blues.

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Lack of light is the cause

Doctors refer in widespread downcast mood also from a seasonal affective disorder. Cause is the lack of light, for without light the body produces less endorphins, as the mood-serotonin. Instead, melatonin is produced, which makes us tired and listless. this website These tips do something about postpartum depression.

7 tips against the winter blues

Start relaxed in the day

A pleasant start to the day is important when one anyway has little desire to get up. Wen annoying loud Gepiepe the alarm, which was to set a light alarm clock. In this website test convinced the Philips Wake-up Light, which simulates a sunrise within half an hour before the set alarm time and plays nature sounds. Manufacturer Philips offers Light Alarm in different versions to from 119.99 euros. Lichtwecker other manufacturers are already available for 30 Euro.

Bring structure to your day

Even if you would prefer to stay until noon in bed: Provide for an orderly daily routine, he gives maintenance during periods of listlessness. Use the Calendar app on your phone and make a timetable. Enter what needs to be done even when you relax. Tip: Make also a plan for the weekend, so you biorhythm not muddled up.

Refuel light and air

A walk in the fresh air distracts you from gloomy thoughts. Doctors recommend at least 15 minutes every day to go outside to soak up the light and air. Even on cloudy days the sun is out three to four times stronger than the lighting in enclosed spaces. Just try going the same in the next lunch break. Take a rain alarm app, so you do not return as a drowned rat. The free Rain Alarm App Drops visit for Android and iOS, it automatically warns that occur briefly showers. A radar map with precipitation forecast for the next two hours is also integrated.

Make a light therapy

Who has additional lighting requirements, should think about light therapy. A light shower with a daylight lamp to simulate sunlight. The lamp should have 10,000 lux. Showers for 20 to 30 minutes. You do not look directly into the light, but can have breakfast or read it. After one to two weeks you feel much more energetic, the producers promise. Light showers’s in various sizes from 50 Euro as from Beurer. Also Philips has the devices in the program. Nice idea: the company equipped recently selected Starbucks stores with light showers made for guests to refuel during the coffee break.

Crank up the endorphins to

Do you exercise, even if it is cold outside. Walking, jogging and cycling are boosting endorphins. A fitness bracelet helps to become more active. The Tracker record steps and calories burned, some also measure the pulse and the phases of sleep. The related apps provide numerous data on the movement and inspire so on to do more exercise. Cheap Tracker as the Xiaomi Mi band has been around for less than 30 euros.

Get rid of the ballast

Certain things you’ve always wanted to get rid times? Now is an opportunity to clear out the apartment. But do not throw games, DVDs, Books & Co. in the dustbin. When buying portals in its web as rebuy or Flip4New You can thus still make money. The portal Werzahltmehr.de tells you which purchase services pays the most. There’s also a free app for Android and iOS.

Reward yourself

They have complied with the daily schedule? Then you should definitely rewarding. Relax, for example with a good ebook or watch a movie or your favorite series. In Streaming Guide You can find the highlights of the major portals for the next 14 days.