8-bit Hordes: Warcraft retro remake games

“8-bit Hordes” is a tribute to the strategy classic “Warcraft”.

T he development studio Petroglyph has the nostalgia prescribed. Recently, the studio released the title “8-bit Armies” and revived in the early days of on-site “Command & Conquer” series again. Now the team will bring out the next retro string and announces “8-bit Hordes” to. Behind it a strategy game hides in the classic “Warcraft” style. Players compete in two groups: On the one hand people are fighting the orcs, on the other in the merger with dwarves and elves. Like the original, you gather resources, build base camp and make armies. Zocken you alone, you have 24 missions.

Those who prefer the multiplayer mode, provides with up to seven other players multiplayer battles. Alternatively daddeln with a teammate by twelve co-op challenges. The highlight: Thanks to the same basic technology combine if necessary the contents of “8-bit Armies” and “8-bit Hordes”. So contact your fantasy fighter against modern ordnance. Exactly when you are allowed to plunge into the adventure of the “Warcraft” -Klons, however, is still unclear. Steam dated the game until August 2016, a specific date, there are not.

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