8 free applications to pass the time on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

It is nice to enjoy your free time! At However, if you know the deal to escape the boredom that awaits you. To help you avoid downtime that occur during the transportation trips or late Sunday afternoon eLaptopComputer.com selected eight free apps to spend time on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

If you are curious, thirsty for knowledge and eager to deepen knowledge that you know already, we can not recommend too TED. platform application available on tablets and smartphones, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) you can enjoy thousands of interventions on various areas of competence such as art, science, politics, architecture, etc. These conferences, the first of which dates back to 1984, rarely exceed twenty minutes and are held by specialists in their field, covering all areas that are of interest.

Satisfy his curiosity

Structuring a steady stream of presentations, reflections and concepts that can confuse new users, application TED proves perfectly able to guide his followers in the maze of knowledge. The homepage, customizable, organizes two thousand or videos by date added, popularity or level of exception. While the concept comes to us straight from the United States, the TED conferences are now international and data in languages ​​that you do not necessarily master. The TED app ignores the language barriers, offering quality subtitles in over a hundred languages, including French.

The category Amaze me worth quoting in full because it allows you to search for content based on your mood and impose a term intervention is not exceeded.

TED includes some additional features and welcome as the ability to manage playlists, listen to the episodes of TED Radio Hour podcast, searchable by themes and presentations duration, locally download interventions for offline viewing where to add bookmarks conferences you want to find later.

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Amateur audiovisual arts, music and literature, enjoy your free time to find a movie viewing a series to begin, a video game to explore, listen to an album or a book to leaf. Covering all the topics mentioned above, is for SensCritique culture thirsty eager to enrich their omniscience. The concept is based on a strong user community invested noting frankly, criticizing and sharing all kinds of works to make people want, or not, to their peers to be interested more closely.

Find a movie to watch or book to leaf

To play


To facilitate research and suggestions, SensCritique organizes its vast library by genre (movies, series, games, books, comic books, music) and subdivides each category in the popularity rating of a production, the outputs of the week the news of the moment, and upcoming titles. The works that you have already watched, read or listened to are accessible from your profile. You can record and report possible shots heart. A bookmark system provides the ability to group those that you keep under the elbow for later.

If cinema is your favorite subject, you can also turn to IMDb. cinephile reference database, IMDb can boast of an exhaustive content, both on feature films TV shows and personalities that constitute the film sphere. Sheets, trailers, news, stories, impossible to miss information, whatever the purpose of your research. By creating a user account, you access to additional features that are favorites, lists, records and history of your navigation.

Addicts series can miss out on apps like Time tvshow on Android and iOS or TV Show Tracker on Windows Phone. Thoughts to help you manage the different shows that you follow these two applications display a personalized calendar of upcoming episodes and ensure rigorous monitoring of your progress through the seasons. A module offers suggestions to discover new TV series based on your tastes and the popularity of certain products. What anticipate and renew your evening TV trays.

Download SensCritique for Android (Free) Download IMDb for Android (Free) Download IMDb for iPhone / iPad (Free) Download tvshow Time for Android (Free) Download tvshow Time for iPhone / iPad (Free) Download TV Show Tracker Windows Phone (Free)

It goes without saying that a video game launch party is an unstoppable solution to kill five minutes of free time. However, not all games are not suitable for such an environment, some titles need to have more time ahead than others. This avoids embarking on an Assassin’s Creed or Final Fantasy, and we prefer to turn to a casual game like Candy Crush.

The advantage of this match-3 is the fact that you can only play a level of a few seconds to several minutes before moving on. Progress is automatically saved, and start a new game after several weeks does not mean that we should remember a particular scenario or mission to accomplish. Candy Crush boasts an incredible number of different levels regularly updated, suggesting constantly renewed gaming sessions.

Clash Royal also appears as a good compromise, promising to take care intermittently, the time of a princely fight. Each party never lasts more than four minutes, and, unlike Clash of Clans, it is not necessary to return regularly to keep your level. Royal Clash nevertheless based on a system of long and arduous progression. If you want to mount skills, earn chests and collect new cards, it is strongly recommended to exercise vis-à-vis the game attendance.

Candy Crush for Android (Free) Download Candy Crush for iPhone / iPad (Free) Download Candy Crush Windows Phone (Free)

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Why not take advantage of your free time to take the air? Instead of sadly wandering the nearby streets, add a little spice to your outings with the application Pokémon GO.

Developed by Niantic to whom we owe the very successful Ingress, Pokémon GO realizes a childhood dream by letting you capture Charmander, Pikachu, and other Lippoutou “for real” thanks to augmented reality. Your neighborhood is transformed therefore in huge playground as you explore in long, wide and across in the hope of flushing out the Pokémon more or less rare. The opportunity also to (re) discover sites and monuments to which you go regularly without paying attention since these points of interest are home to PokéStops through which you collect many useful items for your quest: Poké Balls, potions, eggs incubating, etc.

Pokémon GO is still not officially available in France, but there are techniques to work around geographical restrictions and enjoy the game on your iPhone as well as on your Android device.

For those who prefer to hunt real treasures rather than imaginary creatures, impossible to ignore the global treasure hunt organized by Geocaching. Like Pokémon GO, the application uses your GPS to locate you on a map and point out places to explore. The caches of various sizes, are hidden everywhere in the world and contain a logbook that you sign when you unearth them. This register is sometimes accompanied by more or less unusual items that you can trade against your own trinkets.

Like Pokémon GO, Geocaching emphasizes the important monuments and sites in the region. The app delves deeper cultural concept, signing a series of caches in the heart of themed tours, allowing you to enjoy walks and hikes you probably would never knew existed.

Attention some caches are accessible only by subscribing to a Premium subscription.

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