A laptop to replace a tower? our selection

Replace his desktop computer became dusty and cumbersome is an idea still attractive especially given the space saving. More discreet and sometimes just as swift, the notebook can pose as an interesting alternative.

Laptops are now equipped with components which allow virtually any use: video processing, image or game are now available on mobile.

So why not replace the tower by one of these machines? To do this, however, should follow some precautions when making your choice.

To maintain the same comfort as a desktop PC, better opt for a laptop whose screen has a diagonal and a generous definition.

Especially a large format also provides a gain comfort at the keyboard (spaced keys, the presence of a numeric keypad) and is often accompanied by a complete connection.

Obviously, it will look at the components that depend largely on your use, as well as equipment, which will define the level of comfort, especially in a videogame use. The price will vary accordingly necessarily.

Through these elements, writing eLaptopComputer indicates two configurations corresponding to a sedentary profile.