A Russian player continues Bethesda hidden risk of addiction Fallout 4

Fallout 4, household breaker! In any case that suggests the complaint of a Russian player with the last title of Bethesda would have cost “his marriage, his health and his work” after the statements taken by the site Engadget.com .; it is therefore confident that this Russian player initiates a lawsuit against the studio, calling the sum of 500,000 rubles in compensation, slightly less than 6500 euros. Complaint raised: the lack of communication from Bethesda about the risks of addiction caused by gambling.

Also according to the US site, the Russian gamer will be launched in a marathon three weeks, completely absorbed by the game post-apocalyptic role. And, according to the complainant, if he had been aware of the dangerousness of the title, he would “wait for the Christmas holidays to offer Fallout 4 and spent his time off to play.”; While that may seem preposterous, this lawsuit is not an isolated case. So Engadget remind an American won against NCSoft for addiction caused by a third party after discovering Lineage 2 and developed a passion more than consuming for the title. Finally, remember that even if the pathological risks of addiction to video games exist, particularly towards MMORPG (massively multiplayer role playing) that stimulate the competitive spirit, immersion in a fantasy world where a character can evolve without stress, etc. it still remains phenomena in the margin. It remains to this Russian player the burden of proving that he is very ill and not a victim of (some) lack of discipline against the use of the joystick …

It’s awful when I play Civilization time does not stop turning and I realize that I must go to bed …; One more ride on the huge card? A moment you still know how to say STOP … Especially that in general we know when we start it will last several days … It’s a bit ridiculous to want to complain when asked just a game of you care and necessarily make you spend the time you will not go to do something else.