Aboalarm: Termination write my iPhone

With Aboalarm announce comfortably from subscriptions and contracts from the virtual desktop.

L äuft a subscription from, warns the built-in timer prior notice periods. You only have to still send the iPhone or iPad from a letter of resignation to the appropriate service Fax. The free application provides contact information of 3,000 companies with the same. Particularly clever: The Kündigungsfax signs the user either by finger or he photographed his signature with the camera and converts them subsequently in writing.


Comfortable text templates for Kündigungsfaxe

Database with 3,000 company data

Fax delivery confirmation e-mail


Photo function for receiving the signature bit awkward

Test score of editors



Aboalarm is an ingeniously simple-to-use app that lets you actually easily maintain an overview of existing commitments with the consistent entry of all subscriptions and contracts. Almost bitter for providers of temporary services: With Aboalarm make redundancies downright fun! (Hol)

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