Abzu, Prey, Mobius Final Fantasy: news video games of the week

We start with the big week Microsoft for its new console, the Xbox One S, landed with a software update for this and the old model, all accompanying the launch on PC, the update Windows 10 Anniversary;. the new NX? Yes, but not in the console itself. Ubisoft has hinted that he had some new games in development for the next platform Big N. But we will not know more yet.

Finally, the side of Sony, it is rather quiet. PlayStation VR is still scheduled for October. And no PlayStation 4 Neo on the horizon! But Gamescom almost here … may be he will be more talkative Japanese in a few days. One can always hope!

A first gameplay video for Prey …

Finally, this weekend was held QuakeCon 2016 Austin, Texas. This is a huge Lan Party, with team matches, during which the publisher Bethesda reversed some of its E3 announcements.

Presented at the show in Los Angeles in June, Prey is developed by Arkane Studios (also responsible for Dishonored 2) and published by Bethesda. This is the first video of gameplay visible for the highly anticipated title, which is scheduled for release next year.

Since Tuesday, the players who pre-ordered the high-end version of the Xbox One S receive the new Microsoft console. Some stores also sell the but quantities are limited for now;. Other versions of the console (500GB and 1TB) will arrive in the coming days. In addition, Microsoft announced several packages including games and Xbox One S 500 GB or 1 TB would be announced shortly. If you’re curious to see what she has in the stomach, the site iFixit has already dismantled!

Discovered by our small retinas at E3 this year, Abzu is a diving game underwater where it is more a question of discovering the colorful magic depths imagined by studios Giant Squid than worrying its oxygen reserves . Magical, enchanting and served by a very nice soundtrack, this title lets you play the “Diver”. Through his eyes you will discover many animal and plant species … even a little darker mysteries. Serve emergency on PS4 and PC (Steam).

On the occasion of the Olympic Summer Games in Rio, Overwatch offers Shock mode rather unusual theme: L├╣cioball. Playable 3 against 3, these games 4 minutes start to honor the character Lucio, mounted on futuristic rollerblades and whose abilities have been changed for the sake of discipline. We’ll have to use to make and / or send a large ball into the opposing goal (and not caring friends and fragging opponents). Available for 3 weeks, the Lucioball is also an opportunity for players to amass individual spoils, containing unusual objects. Shock is available on the PS4 platforms, Xbox One and PC.

and kills in game Quake Champions!

Xbox One S 2TB is there, the other coming models

Abzu of magical and dark depths

Overwatch made its Summer Olympics

We mentioned last week, Operation Rain Skull for the game Rainbow Six: Ubisoft is now available seat. The two new characters are waiting for you and immediately accessible to holders of Seaon Pass. For others, it will buy them. The map introduced with this Operation, Favela, -elle- is good and free for all pacing emergency.

A few days Gamescom, Activision releases a video shot with the game engine which one of the main players is the newly promoted captain Reyes. Unfortunately, the video does not show any new gameplay element, it only serves to paint the setting in which the next installment of the license takes place. A dash of patriotism, some rather conventional phrases and predictable twists … hope that the next Call of ‘is not in the image of this sequence.

Specially designed for mobile devices, the new Final Fantasy, Mobius, is free on Android and iOS. Of course, in game purchases to the program but checkout automatically is not a requirement to enjoy this RPG Japanese sauce. Graphically, the title seems very successful and combat mechanics (turn-based), quite thoughtful. Finally, the scenario may seem simple, but apparently agreed Square Enix promises many surprises. A test during the long summer evenings!

The online sales platform game GoodOldGames (GOG.com) and Disney joined forces to revive classic three previously only available on 16-bit platforms of the time. Aladdin, The Lion King and Jungle Book has been completely updated and made compatible with modern platforms. The opportunity for fans to replay the titles of their childhood and only on PC. Each game has sold 8.99 euros initially (9.99 euros then) but it is possible to buy the lot for just over 20 euros.

Operation Skull Rain, Rainbow Six depart in Brazil

Call of Duty Infinite Wars, two-minute video in game

Mobius Final Fantasy, a new “FF” customized for Android and iOS

Disney 16 bits of our childhood games on GOG.com

Tom Clancy’s: The Division, soon to the cinema and the Underground DLC finally on PS4