Adidas Fit Smart: a tracker with integrated cardio activity sensor

The Smart Fit is the new baby of the range Adidas MiCoach. This is a tracker Attraction incorporating a heart rate sensor. Specificity increasingly common on connected bracelets and watches, be they sports oriented products only (TomTom Runner Cardio, Epson Pulsense) or connected trendy watches, like the Samsung Gear S. remember, it incorporates cardio optical sensor on the inside of the bracelet.

The lack of effective coaching advice is often lacking on trackers activity. The sensor bracelet falls more or less accurate data (number of steps, calories burned, distance, heart rate, etc.), but the user does not really know what to do. The “Adidas MiCoach Train and Run” application would correct this problem by giving real advice that would achieve its weekly goals. The application would also propose training plans to work on the long term.

Fit Smart: a true sports coach?

In addition to these tips available on the application, the bracelet will alert you in real time if your pulse racing. Naturally, other measures (number of steps, calories, distance, speed, etc.) are also indicated by this display. Three buttons are present on the watch to scroll through the information.

Side comfort, the Fit Smart weighs only 50 grams and has a text LED display. Its battery would offer five days of autonomy, at 1 hour of sports a day. Finally Adidas Smart Fit is sold 199 euros in black and white version, which places it among the most expensive models.