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For the game designer Adam Orth launched “Adrift” as a way to cope with his personal blow. He quickly found this support by fellow developers what led to the creation of his studio Three One Zero.

N ot NASA and ESA, but private companies like Space X are the future of space. However, only a shambles – therefore floats in “Adrift” in 2037 is no longer the ISS, but the North Star IV Company Hardiman in 462 kilometers above the Earth. An accident has torn the giant spinning wheel-shaped space station. The only survivor: The astronaut Alex Oshima – and this fictional scenery is reflected quasi contrary, what has happened to the conductive “Adrift” -Designer Adam Orth in real life!

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Because until April 2013. He was creative director at Microsoft Studios. At this time, the release of the Xbox One was a few months in the future. Much has been speculated since the console and advance criticized. One evening made Orth his frustrations with sarcastic comments on Twitter Air. Then he rolled over a wave of anger and hatred. A few days later he announced dejected his job. “I thought my life would be in the bucket,” said Orth. “After a week, then the idea came to me to this game.”

Of course, “Adrift” is to support the current VR goggles. Above all Oculus Rift – and later Playstation VR. Nausea and “sickness” is a “feel-good” button to prevent that provides the game briefly blurred to rest the eyes.

Adrift: “Gravity” for replay

The developer wanted to use his experience and helplessness and do empathize. “And where one feels lonely and helpless as in space?” He asks accordingly. Therefore, behind the so quietly shining star backdrop, a mix of survival and Enigma Game: Quasi a playable version of the movie “Gravity”. From first-person perspective, the player who controls an astronaut by the landscape of shredded solar collectors, metal parts and non-research, technology and living modules. The goal? Find a way to Earth.

An astronaut is fighting alone in space for survival. In fact, since pushing the comparison with the movie “Gravity” is a natural. However, the work began on the game before the theatrical release of the Oscar-winning space thriller.

Gradually, this give the tasks: parts of the station must again power and cable are connected. Later you tight casing parts from, wake the computer alcohol and initiate the communication network. Here Alex not only flows through a chaotic shambles, but also bizarrely beautiful scenery. Among glass domes with Kirch trees that are surrounded by leaves or an overgrown ivy Hydro-Garden.

Thanks to the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 is the appearance of “Adrift” a feast for the eye and reminds many of real photographs from space. For this purpose, however, are also unreal but beautiful sceneries.

Adrift: All alone in space

In the remains of the station the astronaut collects incidentally audio recordings: An engineer says it about President Kennedy’s “We go to the moon” speech. Another, however, has simply saved a sensual piano piece that accompanies one’s actions for a few minutes. “But you will also learn why you’re in space,” the developer adds. But as calm as “Adrift” in these moments seem so ubiquitous is also death. Because in addition to solving the missions the player is looking for small oxygen cartridge to replenish the air supply of the suit.

The Weltallabenteuer to connect Survival elements with a gripping story in a clever way. Because even if the cosmos and the scenery seem almost disturbing peaceful, quickness and reaction is often called for.

If the exhausted, warns a Fiepsen including computer voice – then follows the choking. Pops the player instead against the wreckage, this causes first fine and then ever larger cracks in the helmet visor. The blank is indeed mending to repair stations: But who incited and do not pay attention, hovering once lifeless to the blue planet. After all, unlike in “Gravity” is here no George Clooney hurried to help. “Ultimately,” says Adam Orth tough, “It’s about survival.”

The survival adventure in the cosmos is inspired by recent developments in space. However, the look is based also on the design of such films as Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “2001 – A Space Odyssey” or Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Solaris”.

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What the developers of the studio Three One Zero date of “Adrift” presented, impressed. Although the universe Survival Game too innovative or creative mechanisms saves convinced with an urgent, threatening and at the same time surreal peaceful atmosphere. It is also noticeable that this game for its developers is a very personal work.

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Released “Adrift”: March 28, 2016 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.