After the Nintendo NES, Mega Drive returns (again) to turn

War is restarted. In September, the Mega Drive will face the NES, including a new release has been announced by the Japanese giant. But siglĂ©e console Sega – whose output is placed under the sign of 25 years of Sonic Franchise – will leave with a big handicap. It will not directly produced by the historical manufacturer, withdrew from the 2001 console market. As for many years, is now AtGames that will ensure the manufacture under license.

But unlike Nintendo that will benefit the miniature version of the NES modern connectivity, nothing says that the Mega Drive will be different from previous editions, regularly revived by AtGames. Although welcomed by some fans retrogaming these many versions are equipped with backup system or HDMI port. Compatibility with the latest generation of TVs could pose a problem. game sessions were posted on YouTube, with questionable visual renderings and sound quality at the limit of acceptability