Alcohol advertising on the Internet: retreat or simple mistake of the government?

The winegrowing industry has launched a major campaign on the internet against the government plan on addictions. They denounce the ban on wine advertising on the Internet, apparently introduced “by mistake” in the text.

Mere “shell”, or real government retreat? On 19 September an interdepartmental committee chaired by Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault adopted its National Action Plan to fight against drugs and addictive behavior. In the midst of 80 pages, a reference to a provision has sparked controversy, namely the prohibition of “propaganda and advertising of alcoholic beverages on online communication services.”

He did not need more for the wine industry is organized and launched a protest movement on the Web. The website “cequivavraimentsaoulerlesfranç” denounces five measures which, according to the Wine Association and Society at the origin of the dispute, directly affect the wine industry. With leader in the advertising ban for alcoholic beverages on the Internet, which reinforce the current system including the Evin Law.

Note that this communication is still framed. Proof of this is the Court of Cassation, in a judgment of 3 July, decided to censor an advertising campaign on Facebook by the Ricard brand perceived by the judge as an “incitement to alcohol consumption.”

Problem, the extract in question finally disappeared from the last online version published on the website of the MILDT (Interministerial Mission for the fight against drugs and addiction). This inevitably pushes the query. The government he preferred to put out the fire as quickly as possible? Or is it a simple mistake of publication? Contacted by us, the MILDT merely evoke a “shell”.

“The measure in question should not have been included in the text. It is a mistake. This provision has only been addressed in discussions and adoption, but it should not be included in the final version. Besides, she found herself in a field, or it was nothing to do, according to a widely different typography, one quickly realizes when reading the report. ”

Comparing the two versions one realizes that the provision had been included in the sub-section 3.2.2, entitled “Conduct educational activities on the dangers of substance use and driving.” Ban alcohol advertising on the Internet seems to encompass a much broader issue than just consumption driving, but still follows two mechanisms of prevention. As for typography, it is substantially identical. However, it should take a little more space between this available to others.

Paragraph removed from the first draft

For its part, the Wine Association and Society remains on alert. “We are waiting for confirmation. We talk even when a measure introduced on September 19, supported in particular by the ANPAA (National Association for Prevention of Alcohol and Addictologie, note) without the MILDT Matignon or not react. Then the provision is ultimately removed after one week. This pushes us to question beforehand. How can a text be rewritten so? There is concern for the democratic functioning. It is disrespectful to the 500,000 industry professionals in France. ” The association still continues its mobilization, as are other measures that it intends to bury.

The text also includes other provisions related to the Internet. This is particularly the case relating to traffic of drugs on the Internet. Specifically, it is expanding the offenses for which police may use undercover powers over communications networks. This device also concern incitement of minors to the use and trafficking of drugs. Which inevitably raises a number of issues, both on the powers available to officers as their capacity in terms of resources to take on these new responsibilities.

But still, the police will also collaborate with ISPs, search engines managers and web hosts. Again, the subject is sensitive, since the text does not mention the degree of cooperation which will be submitted these actors. We are waiting for now a return of the Interior Ministry on this.

Edited on 27/09/2013 at 15h33

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