All For One antennas with new DVB-T standard

DVB-T antennas SV930 (left) and SV9325 of All For One.

T he square antenna SV9390 is lying, hanging or standing use. A matching stand included by the manufacturer. The Multi-patch technique, consisting of many small antennas inside, according to the manufacturer secures a reception radius of 360 degrees. The SV9390 has a filter that removes other radio signals (such as from wireless or mobile). The antenna is now available for 59.99 euros.

For mobile use, the small flat rod antenna SV9325 is. She is also on the notebook used. The integrated amplifier provides a maximum power of 41 decibels. Also in this model the patch technology guarantees a great reception angle. The mobile DVB-T antenna will cost EUR 39.99. (Dd)

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