Alpha Polaris: Adventure in the ice games

Struggle for life and death on a research station in Greenland: “Alpha Polaris”.

M rode in a desert of ice in Greenland is the research station “Alpha Polaris”. At the Arctic Circle working there Scientists fight against snow, cold and loneliness. But not enough: Eerie events make the researchers life hell.

What’s going on “Alpha Polaris”? Far away from civilization you make as a biologist Rune Knudsen on the search for the causes of the ghostly events. It does not take long for the horror captured also the Norwegians: A matter of life and death begins, confronts him with his greatest fears.

Warning: This is not about a frosty “Dead Space” copy, but an adventure game with point-and-click mechanics. Manufacturer TGC promises numerous puzzles and puzzle elements and an eerie atmosphere day and night cycles and sophisticated characters should contribute to a compelling story.

Released “Alpha Polaris”: 2011 for PC. (Rk)

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