AlphaGo: World Champion calls software out again

The strategy game Go was not winnable than for computers. AlphaGo stepped rebuttal.

T he world rankings First in board game Go wants to compete in order to save the honor of humanity. The Chinese Ke Jie believes world champion Lee Se-dol has made many mistakes in the lost match against Google’s software AlphaGo in March, which would not undermine him. Later this year he wants to beat the artificial intelligence of Google’s Deep Mind. The reports GBTimes citing the Xinhua news agency.

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Go: Software is not superior to the man

The match was a duel of Champions: Google DeepMind is currently # 2 in the unofficial world rankings. Only on rank 4 is currently the langjähirge top players in the Asian game of Go, Lee Se-dol. The Südkroeaner had been defeated in March 2016 AlphaGo. Until that time, the strategy game was considered a discipline in which the AI ​​people can not defeat. At that time, Lee said, he did not think that the computer program of Deep Mind him was generally superior. “But it is a concentration at a level that the person can be difficult to surpass,” the master players.

March 2016: Man vs. Machine – Result 1: 4

In acclaimed board game duel between human and computer intelligence software AlphaGo Google crowned their early match success with the fourth victory. Sedol went out on March 15, 2016 the fifth and final round struck after five hours of play and 280 trains. The last Match described the AlphaGo team and the commentators as the most exciting of the five games. The program made in some sequences errors, but found afterwards back into the game.

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Prize money will be donated

The AlphaGo team secured after the third victory on 12 March 2016, the prize of 1 million dollars – the amount to be donated. Lee Se-dol managed with his victory on March 13, another prestigious success that was recorded also facilitated by the previously shocked Go community. “This is not a defeat for humanity”, they see only his own weaknesses, reiterated Lee, who turned pro with twelve years now and for many years dominated the game of Go.