Although install AVAST Free Antivirus 2014

Prior to installing an antivirus is uninstalled the one used so far (if applicable). From a technical standpoint, this is not a strict requirement. But this little “cleaning” is highly recommended to avoid problems related to the coexistence of two active antivirus, like false detection of virus, slowed PC or unexpected system crashes.

Is this also true for Avast itself, that is to say a previous version? In theory no, because Avast is quite capable of updating itself. In practice, it is better to uninstall Avast 8 before installing Avast 2014. You’ll be sure that the software will install properly.

Simple installation, with a few clicks

For the actual operation uninstall Avast 8.0 or other antivirus, use the procedure provided by the software (or specific control program in the Start menu or the Windows Welcome screen 8). Alternatively, use the Windows Control Panel. If, subsequently, Avast 2014 can not install properly, you will visit the website of your current antivirus editor to know the specific procedure for a complete uninstall and “clean” (many publishers offer to it a dedicated removal tool).

Once your PC virgin of any virus, download the free edition of Avast installer 2014 by clicking this link:

Then run the downloaded program. If a window Windows user account control appears, click the Continue button. Installing Avast 2014 then launches and displays a window that offers two choices: standard or custom installation facility. Click Easy Install and click the Continue button, and wait. At the end of the installation, click the Done button.

Once installed, Avast launches and performs a quick virus scan. Following this analysis, click the Save link in the yellow box that says “Not registered (30 days remaining)”. Choose to register by clicking the Register button of the Free Antivirus column. Enter your name and e-mail address (not necessarily actual, if you prefer to remain anonymous), and click the Sign in with your email address.

In the next window, click the link Stay with your basic protection. You notice while in the main window, the yellow frame and the countdown message has disappeared: you are registered, the free edition of Avast is operational in 2014, it’s over!

The registration prerequisite

Hello; To simplify your life, you can watch this video that explains how to register Avast showing each step on the screen. Just repeat what the video shows; http: //; A +

On my old nail avce XP and 1GB Ram, the new version of Avast overly slows the micro and even blocks so that ctrl + alt + extra is not enough to leave. I uninstalled and everything returns to normal. The version in 2014 it would be more demanding than her sisters for configuration?

To avoid giving your real email address, use a disposable email address; http: //