Amazon: Account lockout by returns

Amazon punished its customers: Who sends back often, must reckon with the account deletion.

S ince several months tightened Amazon the persecution of those customers return the ordered goods to the mail order company. Should accumulate returns, the customer must eventually reckon with a warning and with the closure of the Amazon account. In the past, there have been several cases where Amazon has cracked down, cautioned longstanding repeat buyers and has closed the account in doubt. If you stand again in the negative focus of the online retailer, it’s hard to step out of the unwanted spotlight. The person concerned must not only the deletion of his account feared already purchased digital media, wish lists and more lost.

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Draconian punishment

If the account lockout imminent, the customer receives an e-mail information about the extent of the punishment. Accordingly, the following happens in the closure case

Closure of customer accounts with Amazon BuyVIP,,,,,,,, and, and accounts, LOVEFiLM,

My Amazon wish list and other lists created, the “My Account”, your customer profile, your reviews, discussions and customer images which are associated with your customer account will be deleted.

Your seller account for the platform Market Place is closed.

My Account at Affiliate closes.

Your access to Author Central and the related author page will be disabled.

The option of paying by Amazon Payments is disabled – which applies to all websites that use Amazon Payments.

In addition, Amazon reserves the right not to reimburse not yet redeemed gift certificates. If customers have a Kindle device, they can still retrieve content and buy. About Audible audiobooks purchased you can not download and save, however. Against this measure, the buyer can however fight: According to a judgment of the Oberlandesgericht Köln customers have a right to previously purchased digital content such as movies or music, even when it comes to account deletion. The NRW consumer provides for this purpose a sample letter available online.

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Eight return in three years

The news portal reports a case in which a longtime Amazon customer instantly before the account closure. According to the report, the person concerned has since 2014 ordered a total of 53 products at online retailer and it issued nearly 2,300 euros. During this period, there were only eight returns, mostly, these were to garments that has ordered for the purpose of fitting in several sizes of the customer. In an e-mail Amazon has asked for feedback for quality assurance, since it “has come lately to several returns”. In this request, the customer responded and his case explained, but the answer will Amazon have never received. Instead, followed at a subsequent order to note that it comes with additional returns for account lockout. In the case of account deletion re-registration is no longer possible, accounts of customers with the same address as families or significant other blocks Amazon as well. Why the online retailer has been upheld so hard at one time, is currently unknown. However, returns are a costly affair for Amazon, since fees are incurred up to 15 euros for a reversal.

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