Amazon Alexa now in browser test

Buyers can try in the browser Alexa in advance.

O nline retailer Amazon has launched a Web site, to test the language assistant Alexa via the browser of the user. demonstrates the capabilities of Siri competitor that comes in smart Bluetooth Speaker Amazon Echo used.

test Alexa browser

For Alexa test is to only an Amazon account for the log-in required. Then, a button in the center of the screen. If this is held down, users can pass voice commands via microphone to Alexa and test the capabilities of the digital assistant as their paces.

Echo controls the smart home

The software was originally developed by programmers Sam Machin during a hack Athlon last year. Amazon found the idea so good that the simulation is now being made available to all users. Amazon’s Echo is currently only available in the US. The Bluetooth speaker will cost $ 180, and controls to take advantage of many smart home appliances.

Amazon echo

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This offers the Bluetooth Box Amazon