Amazon brings Dash buttons for more brands

Detergent at your fingertips: About the Amazon Dash button order customer specific products with one touch by

W hen the Amazon Dash button is it small, Internet-connected devices that exactly fulfill a purpose: The ordering of certain products on Amazon. Press the Amazon customers the button, send the Dash buttons via Bluetooth connection to the smartphone an order through the Amazon App from. To prevent accidental orders, the customer can cancel the order within half an hour. They also define the advance which quantities of a product orders of a button. In the coming weeks, Amazon will again significantly expand the range of branded products that can be order by Dash-button.

Amazon Dash: New brands, but only in the US

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal plans to Amazon to take several dozen new offers in the Dash-range. Which brands this is in the details, however, is not yet known. The Dash system designed to simplify mainly the consumables reorder goods. Among other things, Amazon offers the buttons for ordering toilet paper, detergent or razor. A button will cost it around $ 5. Amazon has introduced the system in March, 2015. If and when the Dash buttons are also available in Germany, is unclear.

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