Amazon Echo 2: Learn to succeed

Amazon Echo comes probably soon in a new version on the market.

A smart mazons speakers will soon probably in a new version. This is potentially either a successor model or to a smaller and cheaper option, reports the Wall Street Journal. Already in the coming weeks Amazon wants to bring the device codenamed Fox on the market. So then the voice control Speaker comes possibly also in Germany in the trade. So far Amazon Echo can only be had in the US.

Amazon echo

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This offers the Bluetooth Box Amazon

Hear no longer any word

In the first version of Amazon Echo Alexa, the digital language assistant listens to permanently. This makes it easy to put their questions from several meters away to the weather or to order something from Amazon. About the Echo speakers Alexa then responds accordingly or execute the order. In the second model, the microphone should not be permanently active in Echo. Accordingly Alexa stopped only when you press a button on the device. This is useful for privacy reasons, but rather impractical for everyday use. Compared to its predecessor, the new model is no longer just my outlet, but also have a battery also.

Alexa also in the car

Still to Amazon has not officially commented on a possible new version. But Amazon is driving the development of its language assistants even further. In early January 2016 was announced a partnership with Ford announced at the CES in Las Vegas. Thus Alexa expected to be available in all future Ford models.

Echo in US retail

Who wants to buy one of Amazon’s smart speakers echo, had to do a long time by ordering through the online retailer. Since the Christmas season 2015, there are Amazon Echo in US retail. The Bluetooth speaker is available, since December 2015, more than 3,000 retail outlets in the US. Participating retailers include, among others, The Home Depot, Staples, Sears, Brookstone, RadioShack, Fred Meyer and P.C. Richard & Son.

Germany released uncertain

Amazon Echo has already presented the online retailers in late November, 2014. First, the speaker was purchased by invitation only, from July 2015, it is in the US on free sale available. The Bluetooth speaker can be operated by voice control and, with Alexa a digital assistant. At, the device currently costs 179.99 dollars. When the gadget is coming to Germany is unclear.