Amazon smarter robot through deep learning

Robots soon they will replace humans in warehouses Amazon? At the last annual robotics competition organized by the company, the winner was rather impressed. This articulated arm is headed by an artificial intelligence that is improving progressively through the “deep learning”.

So the team set up by the Robotics Institute Delft (Netherlands) and the local society Delft Robotics has far exceeded the records of the competition last year. The robotic arm has managed to pick a hundred articles per hour on the shelves, to prepare orders. If the error rate remains high (16.7%), the rate is well above the winner of last year which was arrived to manage than 30 items in one hour, details TechRepublic.

Still less efficient than a human

To achieve this, the deep learning was the key. It makes it possible to analyze a large amount of data and to identify models to analyze the scans 3D objects and recognize them quickly.

Despite this performance, Amazon insists that robots will never replace real human in its warehouses. Firstly because the pace of these robots is still far from that of a real person that can handle 400 articles per hour, with higher accuracy.

Amazon also says that robots are already heavily in its warehouses and it does not stop to massively recruit employees to work. In 2012, Amazon had indeed bought the Kiva robotics company for $ 775 million and uses robots from 30,000 in stocks worldwide. But above models helping to handling and moving heavy loads. The number of employees has also increased from 154,100 in the fourth quarter 2014 to 230 800 to the end of 2015. Until the robots are more efficient than humans?