Amazon: The highlights of the show games

For “Watch Dogs 2” is available as a pre-order bonus from Amazon an exclusive mission.

P √ľnktlich during the fair hewers of game publishers a game hit after another out. At E3 2016, there were already Trailer and Gamplay to top titles like “Ghost Recon – Wildlands”, “Battlefield 1”, “FIFA 17” and many other games firecrackers to catch. And the fair impressions leave you wanting more! Those who do not vollkritzeln the calendar or one of the highlights would oversleep, should therefore access quickly. In addition, at selected titles as “watchdogs 2” or waving “Mafia 3” Vorbestellerboni in the form of exclusive weapons, cars or missions. All major title that will move in the near future, the game world, see the photo gallery.

Amazon: Pre Gamescom hits

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Gamescom hits at Amazon