Amazon transposes shopping “1-click” to real life

In the US, Amazon has a new option to facilitate controls on its Internet site dedicated buttons for each product.

Amazon multiplies attempts to thin the boundaries between its online platform and the consumer’s home. Last April, the cyber merchant exhibited the Amazon Dash, a remote control connected to Wi-Fi and to scan the barcode of items that you want to add to their shopping cart. The concept is now available in several dedicated devices.

If the scan of a bar code is too complicated to add an item to their shopping cart, Amazon now offers Americans simply pressing a button. The firm of Jeff Bezos has signed with several companies to put their mark on small devices connected simply provided with a button. Package of laundry layers through the meals, sodas or razors, each has its control box.

The aim is to scatter into focus these mini remote controls for example in the bathroom, the toilet or the washing machine. As soon as a product runs out, the consumer will only have to perform a finger. It will then receive an alert on his phone. These Dash Buttons are available for free to customers of the offer Amazon Prime.

Edited on 01/04/2015 at 10:16

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