Amit Singhal Google Search leaves and is replaced by artificial intelligence

Google is implementing a major change to its search engine, which rely more on artificial intelligence.

On its Google+ profile, Amit Singhal announced his resignation from Google. The man came into the company in 2001, and immediately, he rewrote the search engine originally designed by the two co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. During the last fifteen years he was responsible for optimizing the algorithms as protected Google, in particular by improving the famous ranking of search results.

For Google, this is an opportunity to expand its efforts in artificial intelligence. In October, the giant was unveiled RankBrain the algorithm: when the user enters a search query and a word or phrase has never been met, RankBrain is able to perceive the meaning and choose a synonym in its base. While humans would guess the correct meaning of a word or phrase 70% Rankbrain display a success rate of 80%.

It is therefore not surprising Amit Singhal be replaced by John Giannandrea, currently responsible for the development of artificial intelligence within the company. The man was previously at Metaweb Freebase editor Technology and acquired by Google in July 2010. Mr. Giannandrea worked out object recognition within Google Photos on automatic replies Google Inbox or on autonomous cars being tested by the company.