An unprecedented mobilization saves the Quadrature du Net

The organization La Quadrature du Net has just completed a donations campaign to survive. After calling unequivocally co-founder Philippe Aigrain, unprecedented support was implemented. La Quadrature du Net 2015 will.

For those unaware, this association was founded in March 2008, in response to particular Olivennes bill. The purpose of these few people: to alert the government and provide alternative proposals dealing with complex issues. Christophe Espern explained at the time: “It is impossible to effectively control the flow of information in the digital age through law and technology, without undermining civil liberties and hinder economic and social development. This is what we call squaring the net. ”

Since then, the association has continued to engage in public debate, to alert public opinion and defend jumble Net neutrality, non-discrimination data, the right to privacy against surveillance States and companies, free speech against censorship, while combating international agreements as TAFTA or encouraging the participation of all these important issues.

Each year, the Quadrature du Net is struggling to make ends meet through donation campaigns. In 2010 already, the association saw the end near. This year, the situation was so critical that its co-founder Philippe Aigrain spoke sharply and frankly on his blog about the future of the association.

The message seems to have been heard, since after an early winded campaign, donations poured in to a total of 150,000 euros within days. The fruit of 6000 donors. A reassuring mobilization according to the association, which promises to be accountable for the use of the money raised.

Edited on 23/12/2014 at 4:44 p.m.

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