Android: EU case against Google

The EU Commission determines: Uses Google its supremacy with Android out to favor its own services?

T he European Commission is preparing, according to media before expanding the competition proceedings against Google on the world’s dominant smartphone system Android. The EU authorities have Google critics a 24 hour time limit provided to remove any trade secrets from their opinions on the competitive situation in the market, the financial agency Bloomberg reported, citing informed people.

Ongoing investigations

According to information of the “Financial Times” from the environment of the Commission Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager could make the allegations against Google related to Android already on April 20, 2016 public. However, it could also take a little longer, it was at the same time. A spokesman for the European Commission did not want to comment on reports because it related to an ongoing investigation first.

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Android a great success

From the perspective of Google Android is a great success: the latest figures show that the mobile operating system of the Internet giant is running worldwide to 85 percent of all smartphones. However, these all-powerful position calls the competition authorities of the European Commission on the plan. The accusation: Google use of its strong position to deal with their own services such as Maps, the search to other Apps preferred.

Google Apps favors?

At present, the studies that are to form the basis for a process run. So the Commission has already sent to numerous manufacturers of Android devices questionnaires to investigate Google’s business practices. The EU wants to know, among other things, whether Google partners prohibited the installation of apps that compete with the offers of Internet giants such as searching, the Play Store or the chart application Maps. As Reuters further reported the surveyed companies with e-mails, faxes, letters and meeting minutes to all agreements with Google since 2007 disclose to the EU Commission.

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Android without Google

Basically, each device manufacturers Android could use for free. However, to get the most current version of the operating system, the company must sign a contract with Google, which provides for the installation of a minimum number of Google services, confirmed a former Google manager told Reuters. Google itself says in a statement that every Android without Google and Google can use without Android. In addition, similar studies of Android contracts in the US and Korea have not revealed any legally questionable contract details, as the Internet giant of victory. (With material of dpa.)