Android, favorite target of malware?

With operations increasingly important on smartphones, Android is also facing a formidable danger, malware. Report confirms as the flagship OS Google is increasingly attacked by malware interested in user privacy.

Android extends still further its presence in the global market (like the recent US statistics). This success whets the appetite of some malicious minds. According to a report to the McAfee initiative, there would thus be a resurgence of malware attacking the Google operating system. They sometimes take the form of updates innocuous a system application.

All means are good to trick a potential victim. The attacks are focused on real applications that sometimes hide tools to steal information stored in the smartphone. Some exotic SMS, some games can hide programs to less playful intentions. Unlike the Apple AppStore, Google leaves the possibility for the user to add new sources to the Android Market. This relative transparency is also open the door to abuses. In this case, it is then necessary for the user to be aware of what it installs. A notion not always well understood by the general public.

McAfee and exhibits a substantial increase in the number of attacks targeting Android between the first and second quarter of 2011. The malware specifically targeting that OS would thus climbed 76%. In practice, though most of these unwanted programs are relatively mild, some take the form of a rootkit that can be up to open access to her knowledge the bowels of mobile. Nevertheless, it should temper the report by reminding a user is exposed Android especially from the moment he adds unofficial sources to his smartphone. In such a case, that decision is made consciously with knowledge generally superior to that of a lambda user.