Android: free memory to install new applications

“Insufficient storage space”: Many users who are routinely receive this message when they attempt to download a new application on the Google Play Store store. This is especially critical on smartphones at low prices which embraquent 4 or 8 GB of internal memory, part of which is used by the operating system. If you have made a lot of pictures and videos, the first instinct is to do the cleaning.

Delete unnecessary images and connect the mobile device to your computer to transfer images and videos you want to keep. In the settings of the smartphone or tablet, an application manager is also present to uninstall those you no longer use. But if you still lack a little space in the storage space, there is a simple ultimate recover.

Clear Cache apps

All Android Apps raking temporary files in a reserved storage area called Cache. The manager of Android applications allows for each app to empty its cache but it is also possible to do it in one step, for all installed apps.

1 – Go to Android Settings. In general, just make a sliding your finger from the top of the screen down, then press the icon shaped gear.

2 – Find the Storage section. We must look in the menu for the organization of settings depends on the devices. Remember to scroll through the pages of parameters with a movement of the finger from the bottom up.

3 – Select the data cache. Press finger the Storage icon and the area of ​​cached data (it may take a little Android calculates the total amount of data in cache). The mobile OS then offers to delete the cached data.

Tap OK to confirm and release instead.