Android: How to use a microSD card as internal storage

If Apple customers are limited to the storage capabilities of the Apple brand, Android enthusiasts are entitled to many products equipped with a microSD slot. This year, the major players have all opted for this option. We thus find expandable memory on the Samsung Galaxy S7, the G5 LG or HTC Android Marshmallow 10. With the Adoptable Storage feature to go even further by merging the memory card with the internal storage.

With this innovation, not only can store regular files like photos or videos on the microSD card, but you can also install applications. This can be very useful when they are large. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S7 and G5 do not take advantage of Adoptable Storage. The two South Korean giants have simply decided to deactivate their flagships – activated with a few lines of code. Among the devices that benefit, there is therefore the HTC 10 or Moto G4 and G4 Plus.

Step 1

To begin, simply insert the microSD card in the dedicated slot. It must be relatively recent and powerful for use in internal storage. A U3 class was required for our test on the HTC 10.

– Go to the Settings menu and in storage

– Select the removable memory (SD card), here TEST LAB -. Select Format internally

– Switch application on the SD card, go to Phone memory – Select the application in question, and then Change to change the memory in use – Select SD Card

– It is possible to format the SD card in laptop back to a typical configuration, but it will make inoperative apps stored on it.

2nd step

Step 3

Step 4