Android: new Trojan sends premium SMS

Kaspersky security editor warns users of Android smartphones against a new trojan that has hit several countries around the world. This sends premium SMS without the knowledge of users, guaranteeing them hefty bills.

Europe and Canada are currently the main targets of this malware: this type of malware were far more likely to attack countries such as China or Russia, because of the widespread use of applications from non-official sources in these countries, but the trend is changing.

This new trojan, called Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Foncy, would crack since September according to Kaspersky. At the time, the Android smartphone users were found sending fraudulent SMS after downloading an infected app: ironically, it just served to manage the classification of messages sent. “After launching the application, a message explaining that the application is not compatible with the device appears. And then the user’s mobile account is emptied, “says a security expert.