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Ubisoft is working on the sequel to the successful development of the game “Anno”. A view of the new branch.

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T he year makes it clear – the next branch of the Tradition series does not play for the first time in the past. The building game you confronted with a vision of the future. In “Anno 2070” suggests climate change is relentlessly: by global warming, the sea level rises significantly. Usable land about for arable land are scarce. The power supply is a serious problem by the scarce raw materials. Now it’s up to you to ensure the supply of your cities. How you do this, leaves “Anno 2070” you.

Another big change is the different factions in the game. The parties select different approaches to deal with resource and energy shortage: While the Ecos rely on environmental sustainability, aspire tycoons to industrial efficiency and growth – a difference which is also reflected in the architectural style.

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Released “Anno 2070”: the end of 2011 for PC. (Rk)