Anno 2205: Best German Game games

The winners in the category “Best German Game” (v l n r….): Burghard Ratheiser, Niklas Modrow and Thomas Pottk√§mper from developer Blue Byte.

“Anno 2205” is the best German computer game in 2016. In the presentation of the German Computer Game Awards (DCP) has awarded it in the top category. “They have once again outdone themselves,” Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt Digital (CSU) said at the award ceremony on 7 April 2016 Munich at the address of the programmer. The game was one of the best strategy games in the world. “The latest series part, Anno 2205 ‘convinces with elaborate game design, new ideas and is a mix of accessibility and complexity of the best games of the genre,” it said in the jury. The main prize is worth 100,000 euros.

“Anno 2205 in review: Higher, faster, more complex

Anno 2205: Pictures from the game

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Screenshots: Anno 2205

Second big winner of the evening was that of a Polish developer launched game “The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt”, which won in two international categories and the Audience Award. A novelty there was in the category “Best Children’s Game”. For the first time the jury decided to award two games: The puzzle and thinking game “Fiete Choice” and the puzzle game “Shift Happens” each got 30,000 euros in prize money. “Shift Happens” also won the award for “Best Game Design”. In the category “Best Innovation” convinced the virtual reality simulation climbing “The Climb”, the jury.

Outlook for 2017

Dobrindt appreciated the computer game industry as particularly innovative, exemplary industry: “The games industry is driving the digital progress of our country played a crucial role,” said the self-confessed fan of the cult game “Super Mario Kart” and promised to take steps to ensure that in 2017 more than 470,000 euros in prize money available for 14 price categories. (With material of dpa.)

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