Announcement: Navigon 40 Series

More fun when changing lanes: The Navi shows the driver when to turn indicators are activated.

T he device have eleven centimeters large displays. The base model “40 Easy” is the manufacturer for occasional drivers: It covers the usual functions of Navis and is available for 149 Euro. The variant “40 Plus” also shows the “One Click Menu” at a tip anywhere on the screen three preferred locations of the driver and automatically hides information that are not permanently needed during navigation. The price: 179 euros.

For 199 euros, there is the “40 Premium” model with speakerphone. Phone calls can be run via Bluetooth via the Navi. A distinction of the calls to “private” and “business” is possible. The “40 Premium Live” version also receives real-time information about traffic and parking situations or weather conditions. Price: 249 Euro.

Navigon provides the equipment Plus, Premium and Premium Live with the extended map material “EU 43” from. On the basic model Easy yourself cards are from 20 European countries. (Dd)

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