Antelope: EMS Fitness Suit Review

More muscle, more fitness, more power: That should make the high-tech tracksuit Antelope possible. Whether the calculation comes up, this website editor Georg Oevermann has tried with the prototypes.

W he wants to increase his fitness and bring his body in top form, must invest a lot of time. Or money: With its 1,300-euro high-tech suit the German company Antelope promises better training results in less time. The suit, which is to come on the market in summer 2016, looks like a tight-fitting jogging pants with uppers. Unlike conventional sportswear swimsuit but crammed with electronics. So to activate the muscles not the athletes themselves, but also the suit. How it feels and if it works, this website has tried.

The high-tech fitness suit in Test

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Exercising with Antelope – Here’s how

EMS – muscle contraction by current

The suit uses E lektro m uskel s timulation (EMS). That is: Many incorporated electrodes give light flows to the body from. So not only physical exercise ensures that the muscles contract ( “contraction”), the electrical impulses of the electrode have the same effect. The person may even remain completely passive. The technique is not new in principle: doctors and physiotherapists use them mainly for the treatment of surgical and accidents. But even top athletes use EMS to coax even more strength and endurance of the muscles. And many gyms also offer already a special EMS training on, in which the athlete, for example, with electrodes wired using a treadmill. And here is where the idea of ​​the Antelope-founders: To date, EMS is in fact only available stationary. The patient or athlete has come into practice or into the studio and costly to create the electrode belt there. The freedom of movement is greatly restricted. Unlike the Fitness Suit: The High-Tech Electronics is in the suit, expensive wiring unnecessary. Is it really that easy?

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The test

At the beginning there were a few small problems: quite as simple as it is not, überzustreifen the high-tech suit. Antelope boss Black helped with fitting and assured that the tightening time and some practice flap noticeably faster. After a few minutes Tester Oevermann stuck in very tight-fitting suit. Anyone who has ever put in a surfer or triathlon wetsuit feels reminded. Otherwise, as seen from the outside and fleetingly considered no specifics. The electrodes themselves are sewn on and off while wearing barely noticeable in the material. On Suit yourself dangling on the prototype nor the boosters down: the receiver and control unit, which has the size of a paperback book in about – yet. Because the market version gets a smaller booster. The format of a cigarette is the targeted size. About this control unit allows the electric muscle stimulation to eight body regions set separately. Moreover, Antelope can also be controlled via mobile app. The app was it the time of testing before, but in a more functional for email form. Again, there are up to launch more improvements.

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Outdoor use in HafenCity

First Oevermann tried the suit from the light workout in the this website Readktion. Antelope boss Black activated the suit via the control app on his cell phone. He counted ten down, then pressed on the virtual knobs and set the tester so energized. The feeling? In the truest sense “electrifying”! Even simple exercises came quickly to sweaty experience and chased the pulse to 160 beats per minute High – since the handle was for precaution ready set towel quickly needed. When outdoor use in Hamburg’s HafenCity Oevermann subsequently completed a 30 minute long jogging round. Also this training to the electrical muscle stimulation of the suit was more intense and sweaty than a normal run at the same pace. Only with the relaxation mode later in the office of this website testers came back to resting heart rate.

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The manufacturer promises with Antelope after four hours of training up to 30 percent more power, 20 percent more bounce and 10 percent more muscle volume. Whether these requirements are really to achieve the short-test could not really clarify. But the Antelope fitness suit is an exciting piece of art to wear. Editor Georg Oevermann showed certainly enthusiastic and was considering the acquisition. The problem is the price – 1,300 euro are already large amounts of cash. Who does not want to engage the same expensive suit, gets from just under 300 Euro items such as a torso vest or leg cuffs.

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